FetishGalaxy - This site got definitely improved


Date: January 30, 2018

Written by: Justin (Male, 22)


This is I think 5th time on this site and this time, everything was different than I remember. The previous version sucked actually. It wasn’t organized and it was hard to use that site. It wasn’t actually that hard, but when I compare it to this version, it was much worse.
There were only 60 or so models online previously, but now, there are around 200 of them. I can’t even thing off all fetishes I ever heard off, but this site has even more than I expected. There are around 30 fetishes and I didn’t even know some of them existed. That was a good thing just to be clear.
This design is pretty similar to some other site I visited previously. I don’t mind it, but it’s kind of sad that some sites copy other sites. Maybe the same company owns both sites so that’s the reason. The main page now only has shows and few features. That is enough to enjoy the stay more than ever.
Well, finding shows is now much easier. You have a whole list of all fetishes and you can see how many models are online in each category. There isn’t one single category that is empty and that’s a good start. I can find a model in each category so I don’t have to worry about anything.
Like most people know, categories are pretty outdated and not many people use them. The best feature on all sites is the advanced search or the filter. I can select many and many tags in that feature and I end up with just few models on the display. It maybe seems strange to see only one or two models on the display, but that is true. It’s easy to select one model after having all models you are looking for on the display.
The best thing so far was a free show. I think that all models had free shows. I didn’t even need an account to open one of these shows. I could see all that interested me and if I liked it, I could create an account and continue my journey. Creating an account is free and it doesn’t hurt you at all. It literally takes a minute to create it.
There are private shows, but there are also VibraToy shows. You maybe heard of those shows, but if you haven’t, you will probably be amazed more than ever. When you give model money, she will please herself with a vibrator. I think that there is nothing better than seeing a model that plays with a dildo or with a vibrator. Some private shows had models who agreed to use sex toys during their shows. It’s not easy to find a model like that one.
Prices varied from one show to another, but most shows had almost the same price. The average price was around per minute which doesn’t seem too much at all. You can enjoy a show fully for around and that doesn’t seem much. You probably won’t die if you spend that much money because if you would, you wouldn’t come to this site at the first place.
The video quality was medium on this site. That is one of the things that didn’t change here. I was hoping to see all shows in HD, but I guess that will be changed in the future. I just don’t get how models can’t afford HD cameras. They are way too cheap in my country and they are probably making a ton of money from what they are doing.


The site looks much better than before. There were a lot more models than on the previous version. It was quite easy to navigate on the site. Some shows were watching. There were lots of reasonable prices for shows. There more fetishes available than I knew it existed.


The one thing that didn’t change was the video quality. It stayed medium and that is not so good.


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