- This site fulfilled all my wishes


Date: November 8, 2017

Written by: Zert (Male, 18)


Not many sites on the internet are dedicated only to shemale models and this site is one of those sites. The name of this site says everything about this site before you even open it. The design of this site is nothing spectacular, but it does the job. You can navigate on the site really easy and everything you need is in a visible place. I didn’t expect to see many models on the site and I saw around 100 of them. That is pretty nice for only shemale site.
When you have not so many models online on a site, you probably don’t need any features that can help you out with the search, but this site really has amazing things. The first thing I noticed was the advanced search. I could select multiple tags at once and that did a pretty nice thing. After using this feature, everything else seemed pointless. You can sort models out by their name, popularity, type of the show and a couple of more things. This can also be done after using the advanced search and that is pretty useful. One more thing is available and that is the regular search engine. You can only type in some model’s name and only that exact model will appear.
Before even opening a show, you can see if the show is free or not. Most models on this site have both free and private show and the smart thing to do is to start with the free show. You only need to create an account before starting the show. There is no need to put any money on the account if you don’t want to. Once I was in the free show, I immediately asked some important questions like what is expecting me in the private show and what the price per minute is. I did this with a couple of models and I found out that the average price of private shows is around per minute.
Not all private shows are the same. Some models will do more than others and you should be aware of that when you select a show. You probably don’t want to waste money on something you don’t like. However, in all cases, models will at least get naked for starters. Some of them will masturbate or even use a toy, but that is all up to you when you select a show.
The video quality was pretty nice in most cases. You could see pretty much everything in the show. The most important thing was that shows were in fluid motion. I didn’t have any problems with lagging or something like that.
The store offers you 3 different packages. The price of 1 credit is exactly and you can’t get any discounts in any case. You can only select which package you want to buy.
One of the best things I did was use the site on a phone. I could lie in the bed and do the same thing as I would on a PC. The only difference was that everything was on a smaller screen, but I could just dismiss that easily.


Enough models were online. The video quality is pretty nice. Easy to navigate on the site. Prices are affordable. The site works on a phone.


Nothing is bad.


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