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Date: July 25, 2017

Written by: Jonathan (Male, 32)


The first impressions are the most important when it comes to some site because if you don’t like what you see first, then you won’t even continue to look at the site. However, this site has a colorful main page which makes everything more interesting. Like on most other sites, you have shows all over the main page which give you a lot of options to choose from. The first thing I noticed here is that when you put a cursor over a show, a short preview of the show will begin so you can see what is happening currently in the show. This site has more than 5,000 registered models and around 300 of them were online at the time I was there.
This site uses credits to pay for shows and there are 3 packages with credits. After creating an account, everyone gets 25 free credits just to test the site. Besides this offer, you have packages with both free and premium credits. Even though the shows are called free, you still need credits to look at them. The price of the least expensive package is 10 EUR and the most expensive package is 60 EUR.
There are free and private shows. Before even going to the free show, you need to create an account because you need ‘free credits’ to look at free shows. This didn’t make sense to me because if the show is free, why do I need credits? You can’t expect much from the free show because models can’t earn money there. What I saw was just a model sitting on the bed and talking and sometimes even dancing. The best feature in the free show is the chat window. You can chat with the model to find out what she is ready to do in the private show and after that, you can decide if the show is worth it or not.
The private show comes after the free show if you like that model. I needed to wait for some time because I was careful about spending my money. The price for 1 minute in the private show varies, but the average price I around 5 credits. The good thing about this design is that you can always keep an eye on your current balance, so you won’t lose all your money in one show. But even if that happens, I guess it was worth it.
Every model has a profile where information about what she likes, dislikes and similar things can be found. Also, you can tip the model. The amount of the tip can be a custom number, so if you really like some model, you can award her with lots of money.
Because this site has lots of models and I don’t know if someone likes all models equally, you need to have some feature that will help you find the perfect model for you. There are a few features that will narrow the search and the best one is the advanced search. You can select more than 5 different tags at the same time and the search will be narrowed to just a few models. Besides that, you can use categories that are right above the shows and they also get the job done. If you are a regular user of the site, you can use the regular search. Just type in model’s name and one model will just pop up.
The video quality is in most cases medium to high. Some shows have a better video quality and the picture is fluid. But, there are also some shows that have low quality and there are problems with lagging. I noticed that there are just a few cameras that have movement options, so models could move their cameras with a remote control.
This site has guys, girls, and trannies. It wasn’t a new information when I learned that there are much more girls than guys and trannies combined. However, guys and trannies are much more confident and they will do more things in the free show than the girls.


A good number of girls online. The acceptable video quality of the most show. The prices are not too high. You can always keep track of your current balance. Free credits are given to every new member. Simple design that makes searching for everything much easier.


Even that the show says it is free, it actually isn’t. You need free credits for free shows, and these credits are not free.


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