Live Pimpin - This pimp will not be pimpin' for long.


Date: May 19, 2017

Written by: Stanley (Male, 30)


Every now and then you see a relic of the internet from its infancy. A website that was created way back in 1997 or 1998 and that is somehow still online. They are rare, but they are there. Nothing has changed on that site for 20 years, so it looks kind of out of place in the modern internet surrounding. You could call Live Pimpin that kind of a website, but the thing is that this site, unlike those relics, is still fully operational. The right question here would be how. Well to answer the right question, you have to understand that the webcam industry, even if it looks like it has turned into something huge, is still relatively small. There aren't that many sites out there to be fair and there are a lot of copies of famous sites like flirt4free or jasmin. So, you see, the market is basically saturated with the same stuff and people who want something different need to cling onto websites like live pimin. Which, in turn, gives ample funds to live pimpin to keep on running its servers and pay its girls. But, apparently, it doesn't give it enough funds to update its design. Yes, I am fully aware of the fact that the look of a site could be a subjective thing. But, seriously, just look at Live Pimpin. It does look like a website from the 20th century, doesn't it? Especially with that stupid mascot. Someone should tell the people running this site that those things are not fashionable anymore.

But, on the other hand, that look and that idiotic mascot do give this website a certain charm. Even if it looks out of place and out of time, you have to admit that it encapsulates that certain period of the internet. It projects the things as they were and reminds us of how innocent everything was back then. Is this a good thing? Of course not! People are giving money to enjoy themselves on Live Pimpin, not to get a nostaliga kick. So, guys who are in charge of Live pimpin, if you are reading this, please change your design. It has become rather silly. You know it's 2017, right?

But, the design is not the least of the live pimpin's problems. You see, you can get over the design and the stupid mascot. You can somehow swallow it. If the cam shows are great. But, they aren't. I really can't blame the girls for this. They are giving it their best. Still, their best is not quite enough. In order to have an excellent cam show, you have to have a properly trained performer. Yes, cam shows are performances, so please, stop saying how everything is spotaneous because it isn't. Those girls on livejasmin do follow your lead, but they have been taught how to. Girls on live pimpin have not underwent any kind of a training. They try following your lead but it all ends up being rather sloppy and awkward. I do commend them for their efforts, but not for their performances.

And that is basically all you need to know about this site. Its shows are not good and its design is so outdated that it shouldn't exist. In fact, I thin kthat this website will cease to exist very soon. The landscape of the webcam industry is changing rapidly and sites are trying to accommodate for the needs of their customers by constantly mixing things up. Once this generation of cam goers stops search for nostalgia, I am quite certain that that is the very moment live pimpin goes out of business. Hey, it's a tough world out there and that is how things are in capitalism. If you can't accommodate, you won't be able to provide services. As simple as that. I truly hope that this will not happen to live pimpin because I am sure that the site feeds a fair amount of families. But, the reality is very harsh and I think that the future is going to destroy the past. And, unfortunately for live pimpin, it still lives in the past. So, what I basically wanted to say is that I do not recommend this website. And, if you have managed to soldier through my boring review, I salute you.


In my humble and objective opinion, this website hasn't got any strenghts.


Everything is a weakness on this website and, unfortunately, it might go out of business sooner than later because of that.


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