- This is what I want to see when I open free shows


Date: January 13, 2018

Written by: Trevor (Male, 29)


I heard about this site few months ago, but I didn’t have enough time to check it out until now. When a friend told me that there were only free shows here, I thought it sucked really. What good can I see from a free show? Usually, models just sit and listen to music and you don’t see anything. However, I changed my opinion when I opened one of these shows.
There are girls, guys, couples, lesbians, gays and trannies on this site. You can basically find anything you want here. Sadly, there are not that many models online at most times. I saw around 150 of them when I was there and that didn’t seem much really. I found a show I liked from the start really easy, but maybe someone else won’t have the same luck as me.
Everything you need to know about a show before opening is right below it. There is a sentence that says what that model does and when she does it. I usually stick to solo girls in live cam shows, but this time, I was in couples section. I don’t know why I got in there, but I didn’t regret it once.
You are probably asking yourself why I mentioned the couples section. Well, that is because you can see the best scenes in there. A girl can suck his big dick. He can lick her pussy. They can fuck in different poses. You get the point. There was pretty much nothing that you couldn’t see in there. All you had to do is give them enough money and you were ready for some action.
Can you imagine my surprise when I got in a free show and saw a naked model right away? I didn’t know how to react because you can’t see that pretty much anywhere. Most models online sit on the bed and that is it. This time, these models had barely any clothes on them. Nothing was covered and you could see pretty much everything.
I said that these shows are only in a free version. That maybe seems strange to you, but you don’t see all that for free. Everything works with tips. Some model says that she wants let’s say from all her fans and when she gets it, she starts to do something. You can see what she will do before you tip her. If you like it, you can tip her and if you don’t, you can look for something else. There is a really good thing about free shows. You don’t have to do anything and still see the same thing like everyone else. That is maybe a dick move to do, but who cares? No one will know that you were even in there so don’t worry about it.
There are some cases when a model does something you ask her to. Of course, that is not cheap. You have to give her enough money to persuade her into doing that. If you are here for that, prepare to spend lots of money if you want to please all your dirty wishes.
There are also private shows here but I forgot about them. They are too expensive here. Most shows cost per minute or more. That is too much for me and I can see the same thing or even biter in free shows. No one really goes to private shows on this site so I didn’t either.
The video quality varies from a show to another one. You can find pretty nice video quality and a bit lower. However, even those shows in lower video quality are still good because the content in there is the best one you can find.
This site worked on a phone also, but I didn’t use it almost at all. Shows were too small on my phone and I wanted to see them in the biggest possible resolution.
Finding something specific here can be quite tricky. There are only tags that can help you out. You have many tags and you can select only one at the time. Those tags are pretty much the same like categories. You select one and you see all models that are connected to that one tags. There are not many models left when you select one tag because there weren’t many models at the beginning either.


The best free shows are on this site. Models don’t have any boundaries. Everything can be seen for the right amount of money.


Search for a model is a bit tricky. Private shows are too expensive and no one uses them.


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