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Date: August 13, 2017

Written by: Boki (Male, 36)


It was hard to miss this, but this site has more than 1000 models online constantly. I visited this site multiple times and that number just rises up. However, there are more than 50000 register models here so when you look at the ratio of online models and registered ones, it is pretty bad. The design is a little bit outdated if you ask me. There is nothing spectacular about it and it needs improvement immediately. If you worry that you are not on a right place, know that this site has all kinds of content. There is even a section with non-adult material. I know I wouldn’t go there but there are some people who come here just to talk with a model. Navigating on this site is pretty easy. I find this design really easy to use but it doesn’t look really good.
There is a big issue here and that is when you want to search for some model. If you are a regular user of this site, you can type in some model’s name, but if you are new here, you will have to browse a big list of models. There is no advanced search or even categories. The only thing you have here are a couple of sections and you have more than 200 models in each one. I thought of leaving this site after seeing that I needed to scroll down until I found a model that was good for me.
I got disappointed when I saw that there is no free show available. You only have free text chat, but that is nothing even near a free show. I like to test what I am paying before actually paying it. Using this free chat can be useful if you want to find out what is expectation you in a live show, but who knows if that model from the picture is really the model you are going to see. I am very suspicious and I don’t throw my money away just like that. Every model also has a profile, so you can read through their bios and after that, you have a small preview of a model, but that is not enough.
When I spent this much time on the site, I decided to check out some shows, and that meant I had to put some money on my account. Even if it says that creating an account is free, I didn’t believe them and I was right. It asked me to put my credit card information right after choosing my username. It said I won’t be charged, but it also said I may be charge some amount just to test the credit card. I didn’t think much of that later so I bought the least expensive package for around and it was time to spend it on good shows.
I needed to think smart before opening shows because I don’t want to waste money. I found a show that was in good quality. The picture was fluid and this model could control her camera with a remote control. I haven’t seen this feature on many sites and I was amazed for the first time on this site. Models actually like to talk to you here, but I think that is just to get more and more of your money. You don’t have a counter that shows you your current balance so you need to be careful once you enter a private show.
The private show has a lot of cool things, but not all models are ready to do everything you ask them. That is also why the price varies from the show to the next one. There were some shows going for per minute and there were also shows for per minute. The average price is around per minute which is pretty expensive when you compare it to other sites. Time goes much faster once you are in the show and you don’t even realize that.
This site worked good on my Android phone and I was satisfied with the quality of this site on a phone. I thought that this site would be crap on the phone but it was better than expected. It wasn’t good still, but it was better than on the PC.


Good quality in most cases. Many models are online.


The design is outdated. Prices are too expensive for me. There are no features here and searching for models is pretty hard when you have this much of them.


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