Bongacams - This is the site where I usually get redirected to


Date: January 3, 2018

Written by: Frank (Male, 22)


I didn’t know the name of this site, but when I opened it, I recognized it from before. I knew that it looked familiar because I was redirected here while I was looking at some other porn sites. I always thought that this site was a scam or something so I closed it right away. It turns out I was wrong the whole time.
Something was off when I got here. Everything you could see was in my native language. That is the first sign because of which I thought that this site was a scam. I just saw later that this site can be translated into 30 different languages. That is pretty amazing for any site really.
I could clearly see how many models were online when I opened the site. There was a counter that showed me that, but from my experience, I learned not to trust it. I checked out that number against the number in categories and it was the same. There were 600 models online and that is quite enough to find at least one model you will like.
Before doing anything on the site, I wanted to check out a couple shows just to see what happens in there. I was holding the mouse on a show and a preview of that show started. I could see what happens in that show even though I didn’t open it. That was useful because I could see right away if I like it or not. I expect to see a model that is fully clothed, but that was not the case in the first show I opened. This one model was lying on the bed completely naked. That is not something you see in a free show usually. I am not complaining, but I was still shocked. That was all because of tipping. When someone tipped the model with a bigger amount of tokes, that model would do something nice in a show. I like the fact that you can persuade models into something just by giving them more money.
I thought that I ran into only one show that was that good in a free version, but I was wrong. The next model was also completely naked. I liked where this was going. I could just sit in all these free shows and enjoy the show for free. However, I didn’t want to do that. I mean I could do that, but I wanted to see a model do something I like, but no one else asked her that and I can’t expect her to do something without tipping her.
I created an account and bough tokes for . That was enough for the start. I didn’t want to select a show at random so I used the filter. I could select many tags and once and the search was narrowed to a lot less models than before. I found that one model pretty fast and I continued my journey. Of course, I started tipping her in the free show so I can see her do all kinds of things, but there was a limit. If I wanted to see something really kinky, I needed to go to a private show.
Some shows cost more than others, but most shows cost around per minute and I think that that is not too much. You can see quite good things for not so much money. If you want to stay in the show for at least 10 minutes, you don’t need more than usually. But if you are in there just for a minute or two, you probably won’t see much in there and that is just a waste of your money and time.
Some model like to play with sex toys in their shows. I prefer those models and they are pretty easy to find. You can see from their profile pictures if they have a sex toy near them of not. I forgot to mention that their profile pictures are really just screenshots from current shows.
The video quality was surprisingly good. Most shows were in HD, but there were some shows that were in medium quality. The most important thing was that all those shows were in fluid motion. I didn’t open one show that had problems with lags or something like that.
The store has multiple packages and there are pretty good deals. If you are looking for better deals, you need to buy bigger packages. That probably won’t be a problem if you are planning to stay on the site for some time. You get around 10 tokens for and if you buy bigger packages, you get a discount.


Enough models are online. The video quality is nice. Shows are better than expected. Prices are usually affordable and reasonable.


Nothing is bad pretty much.


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