- This is definitely the best site I have visited in a while


Date: September 13, 2017

Written by: Johnny (Male, 22)


I have heard about this site a long time ago, but today, I decided to try it out. The first impression is always important to me because if I don’t like something at first, I won’t like it later probably. However, that wasn’t the case here. This site has a red color as a background which is pretty nice. It is easy to look at the site and everything is pointed out because of the color mix. I noticed that the main page has all useful things on the display. You can find categories, search options, shows and a few more things without any problem. The position of shows is a little different than on other sites and that is quite nice. Models who are a little more famous have a bigger profile picture so you know what you are getting into. If I am right, this site has more than 1000 models online at most hours and there are tens of thousands registered models on this site. You can’t get a better number than that actually.
Searching for models is pretty important on these kinds of sites because when you have lots of models online, it isn’t easy to find some model anymore. However, this site has really done a great job for this exact situation. You can choose one of many methods for searching the model. The first thing I noticed was categories which were on the top of the page. There were just a couple of categories there and those were the important ones I think. I didn’t really focus on this method because there is the advanced search. That is the best method for me actually because you can select multiple tags at the same time and when you finish using the filter, you will have a lot less models on the display. Instead of looking at 1000 models, you will have a round 50 models now and that is quite useful. There is also a search box that allows you to type in some model’s name and only that model will pop up. You can also sort models out by their name or popularity, it depends what you like more.
When it comes to the shows, this site offers both free and private shows. Every model who is online has a free show available if she is not in the private show. The free show is available even to those users who don’t have an account. However, I would recommend everyone to create an account because it is free and models will probably ignore you if you are listed as a guest. You can’t spend money on models or go to the private show without an account so that is why models focus on premium users. The free show has a free chat window that allows you to chat with the model for an unlimited time. I tried to find out everything about the private show and if you find something you don’t like about the model, you can just skip to the next one without paying anything previously. I saw many guys who were constantly asking a model to get naked or do something like that in the free show. Keep in mind that you won’t see any nudity there and models will probably block you if you ask that constantly.
The private show has all the things you can think off. You can still chat with the model, but I don’t see any point in that. The chat window now comes in handy when you ask her to do something you want. Most models will comply with your every request so you will probably get lucky when you start searching for some model. However, there are a few models who are just comfortable with taking off the clothes. They are there to make a friend or something like that. That is why you should ask for all these things while you are in the free show. The price of a private show varies because not all shows are of the same quality and content. Some shows can cost per minute and some of them can go up to per minute. However, the average price is per minute and that is how much most models charge.
Paying for shows is done with previously bought credits. The store offers multiple packages and you have to select one of them when you start buying credits. The price of 1 credit is little over 1 EUR and the price just goes down when you buy bigger package. The least expensive one is 21 EUR and you get 18 credits in that package. The most expensive package is 161 EUR and you will get 158 credits in that package. I wouldn’t recommend you to buy that package if you are here for the first time because you maybe won’t spend it all.
The video quality is much better than on most sites. Most models here now have an HD camera and every show I opened was in fluid motion. Some cameras were even controlled with a remote control during a live stream and that actually amazed me the most. You can also find just a couple of shows that have a little lower video quality, but they aren’t bad after all.
Using this site is possible on a phone. It worked well on my Android phone and I can’t say anything bad about the site. It was just a little harder to use the site on a phone because I have a much smaller screen than on a PC.


The video quality is really good. The site works well on a phone. Free shows are available for everyone. Prices are affordable in most cases. Models are polite and they won’t be rude to you. Great search options are available.


Nothing is bad here.


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