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Date: April 20, 2017

Written by: Harry (Male, 28)


The tile of my review was my reaction to a friend of mine telling me about Chaturbate. Now, I've seen websites that offer free cam shows, but those were in a really poor quality. My friend did the smart move by explaning how the shows are hot, how the ladies are sexy, as well as how the cams are in HD first and then telling me that everything is free. I think that Chaturbate should hire him to do promotions and things like that. Even though he is not schooled in that discipline, I think that he is very gifted. But, enough about my friend, this is my review of Chaturbate – 'the act of masturbating while chatting online' (I think that that is their slogan). Look, here is the thing – performers still get paid for the shows, but the shows are enjoyed by everyone. This latter fact is the best thing that this site could have done in order to attract clientele. Plus, they have got all kinds of shows. From stripping to masturbation, from straight couples banging to gay couples fucking like crazy. Whatever you want to see when it comes to cam shows, you will probably get to see it on this website. I fell in love with Chaturbate immediately. Truth be told, this is better than going to PornHub in ordedr to jerk off. Sure, it might take awhile for the action to actually starts happening during these shows, but it is well worth it. Naturally, if you want to speed things up, you can always give some tokens to the performers.

And that is exactly what I've done. Even though this is a free site, I still think that these dudes and gals should get paid for what they are doing. So, you see, the very fact that these shows are completely free actually makes people to want to pay for them. That was really clever by the guys who made Chaturbate. That was some seriously clever thinking. Also, during these shows, everything is natural. A bit on the amateur side, but raw and arousing as hell. I've stopped going to sites like LiveJasmin and Flirt4Free. I would rather spend my moiney on these performers. They make me happy almost every other day. Whenever I feel the urge to masturbate, all I have to do is visit Chaturbate and just click on any show which is available at that time. In 99% of these sitations, I will continue watching that show and donate some tokens to it. And that 99% is the most important factor here. That, in turn, means that 99% of the shows are actually good. And they are.

So, to cut the long story short, if you want to experience excelletn and completely free cam shows, then just go and visit Chaturbate. Also, don't forget to tip the performers. After all, this is how they get the bread on the table.


This site has got completely free webcam shows with sexy amateur performers and mostly HD cams. What more would you want it to have? A spaceship?


I don't think that this site has any weaknesses.


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