MaturesCam - These girls really know how to do their job


Date: January 18, 2018

Written by: Brad (Male, 29)


When I saw a site with only mature girls, I just had to check it out. I just didn’t expect to see models who are 60 years old. That is a bit too much for me. There were models from 30 to 60+ years here. It’s good to know that everyone can find something for himself.
Usually sites have mostly teens and because that is not the case here, there were fewer models online. There were around 250 or 300 of them which is still enough. I still managed to find at least one model that was pretty good.
I don’t want to select a model randomly because I am paying for it. What if that show is not good and I spent some money on it. I wouldn’t waste much money, but I still want to spend it on something that suits me. The site offers multiple features for exactly this. I noticed categories right when I opened the site. They are basically impossible to not see. Anyone who is new to the site will get around it easily. That wasn’t the only thing here. I found the filter also, but it was a bit hidden. Someone who is not so experienced would never guess that 3 small lines are actually the advanced search. That should be more visible than anything else because it helps you out the most.
Before even opening a show, I could see if it was worth opening it or not. Instead of seeing a profile picture, I could see the live preview in that small section. That’s a cool feature and it certainly helps out.
Free shows were the best thing so far. I think that every model has them. Only models that are currently in private shows can’t be reached in free shows. You really can’t see much in free shows. Models will only listen to music, sit and talk. There is no action whatsoever. You can’t even persuade them into anything. There is no tipping and that would only help out both me and models. They would get more money and I would see more things.
I didn’t waste much time in free shows because they weren’t fun at all. I just found one model that looked pretty nice and I started a private show. The price of that shows was I think per minute which doesn’t seem much. However, if you want to see lots of action in a show, you need to spend around or more. Shows can last around 15 minutes and that can cost you. There are even more expensive shows. Some of them are worth all that money, but some shows are just overpriced. You probably know what I am talking about because every site has those shows.
I saw enough in private shows to talk about that. Some models were not comfortable with doing more than just getting naked. However there were other models that would do anything. They were making lots of money from it so they didn’t have any problems with doing that. It was nice to see that she wanted to play with a sex toy and do some role play. The best thing was that they knew how to tease and please you. There wasn’t one moment that didn’t have some action.
The store has I think 5 packages for you and you only need one at the beginning. The price of 1 credit is 1 EUR and if you decide to buy more, you will get a small discount. With bigger packages, there is a bonus amount of credits. It’s not much but it is still something. I started off with 20 credits and that was enough for around 6 minutes in a private show.
I think that every show was in HD. at least I didn’t see a show that was in medium or low quality. Some shows even seemed like they were in SD. They were fluid and no problems happened during that time.
The site also worked on a phone. I was actually surprised with that because some sites don’t usually work on phones well. I just needed a browser and that is it. No additional program was needed.


Models knew how to take care of their fans. Prices of private shows were usually affordable. The video quality was only in HD and shows were in fluid motion.


The advanced search is a bit hidden. Someone wouldn’t find it if he was new to the site. There should be a bit more models online.


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