Streamate - There were more models online than I expected


Date: February 2, 2018

Written by: Federicko (Male, 31)


This is a site that I haven’t heard of up until now. That’s why I was surprised with the number of online models because most sites have around 600 models online. Some of the most popular sites don’t have this many models online and that was the part that confused me the most. I don’t want to stick on a thing like this that is not important so let’s move on.
The site looked pretty much the same like few other sites. That wasn’t a good thing for the beginning. I mean, I don’t usually mind seeing sites that are a copy, but that should stop. Each site should be a little original. I don’t see any difference between this site and few others. However, the design is so good that it’s very easy to use anything on the site. You can find shows easily and you see what type of a show is some show.
Like I said in the title, there were just too many models online. I expected to see no more than 500 models and there were 1500 of them online. That is 3 times more than I expected and you get what I want to say. That is both a good and a bad thing at the same time. You have more shows to choose from, but more models will be left on the display when you narrow the search.
While we are still on this subject, let’s talk about search features. Each site has categories and this one has them also. Categories were the ones who showed me the number of online models. You can see how many models are online in each category. There wasn’t one category that was empty and that is a good thing. However, categories are not the only thing on the site. There is also the advanced search. This feature did so much good things for me that I always use it. You can’t go wrong with it. You just select as many tags as you want and see what the site has left for you. Usually, there are around 20 models left when you select around 10 tags. That is much better than 1500 at the beginning. You can select only one show from those 20 much easier than before. There are also few things that only sort models out. You can look at top rated models first, at new ones and few other things can be selected.
Before even opening a show, you see if a show is free, private or gold show. Everyone knows what free shows are. You probably don’t get to see anything in there. You can just see how a model looks like and that is it. If you don’t like it, you can search for some other model. Each model has a profile and you can find out some good things from there. If you like something, you can go to a private show and if you don’t, you can look for other models.
Private shows are the real deal here. You can find very nice shows for not so much money. The average price of private shows is around per minute. Not many sites offer prices as cheap as these ones. Of course, you can also find some expensive shows, but I think that they are not worth it. You can find very good shows for not so much money so I didn’t see any point in opening those expensive ones.
There is a difference in all those private shows. Some models will do more than other models and that is kind of expected. However, I wouldn’t give up those shows in which models use sex toys for nothing. There is nothing better than seeing a hot model taking care of a big dildo like it’s nothing. Most models here are professionals, but there are also amateur models.
Gold shows are pretty much the same like private shows. I didn’t see any difference in there. Models did pretty much the same thing like other models in private shows. That’s why I didn’t see any point in these shows, but I can’t say that those shows were bad.
I think that every show I watched was in HD. I really don’t know about the rest because I was in only few shows. All those shows were also in fluid motion. I had no trouble with any of those shows and I would like it to stay like that.


Many models were online. Some shows were worth spending all that money. It’s easy to navigate on the site.


The site is probably a copy of some other site.


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