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Date: February 1, 2018

Written by: Justin (Male, 31)


Everything looked so good when I opened this site for the first time. Shows were organized and there was enough information about each show on the main page. I could tell if a show was worth it or not just by looking at few lines of information. I noticed that most models are German. However, they speak multiple languages. For an example, there were a few models right on the top of the page who knew English, German and some of them even French. It was a good start for a show that I haven’t heard of before. I didn’t to waste much of my time on some unnecessary things so I decided to check out some shows. I usually don’t select shows randomly. I see which features are available and I narrow the search down in most cases. Although this site had around 200 models online, I still wanted to see less on the display. It was much easier to select a show from 10 shows than from 200 shows. Like on most sites, I noticed the categories first. It was hard to miss it because there was a big button that said ‘Categories’. There were many and many categories here and I couldn’t decide from where to start. I didn’t stick to categories because I knew there was something better. That better features is the advanced search. There were around 10 different things I could select on this site and some of those things aren’t available on other sites. Things like height and weight are only available here. Those were categories that are available on almost every site. However, there was something new here. Something I didn’t see on any other site. You could select from which country or region is a model. You can find models close to you if you are lucky enough. I didn’t have that luck, but it doesn’t mean that someone else didn’t have better luck than me. Here comes the first bad thing. There are no free shows. You can’t access any show without a profile. When you start creating an account, you have to buy credits immediately. If you don’t want to buy any, you just can’t proceed to the next step and that means you can’t watch shows. It would be much better if there were free shows at the beginning. I could see what happens in a show and then, I would decide if that show is worth it or not. Some models only offered free chat shows. I ran into this type of a show on some other site and it doesn’t help you out at all. I don’t get anything from chatting with a person that I can’t see. For how much I know, I could be talking with some fat dude that is bored and he pretends to be a hot girl. That is why I have trust issues. I rarely go to shows that I don’t test out in free versions. I liked this site very much and it would be a waste to not see any shows. That is why I decided to give it a chance and buy some credits right away. You get 800 dirty cents for 10 EUR. You can only select the amount of dirty cents, but the price stays the same. There are no discounts in any case. Prices of private show vary from one show to another. You can find shows for per minute, but you can also find shows for per minute or even more. You can find out the price before opening a show. There’s one good thing about private shows. Each show gives you first 20 seconds for free. If you don’t like what you see, you can just quit the show and you won’t be charged. I don’t think that any other site has this feature. I checked out 3 shows and only one of those was really worth my money. I’m not saying that other shows were bad, but I just didn’t like what I saw in there that much. I was into a bit kinkier stuff and only one model was willing to do something like that. I think that there is nothing better than seeing a model who handles a big dildo like it’s nothing. I hope that there are much more models like this one, but it takes time to find a model like that one. Live shows are not the only thing you have on this site. There are also recorded videos and pictures. There are over one million videos and pictures of all models on the site. Prices vary in this case also. You can find some photos for 100 dirty cents, but you can also find some more expensive ones. There are videos going for around 300 or 400 dirty cents and that doesn’t seem much. You can find expensive videos also, but I think that no one is searching for videos that are expensive. The video quality was pretty good in most cases. All three shows I checked out were in HD. they were in fluid motion also so I didn’t have any problems while I was looking at them. The video quality of recorded videos also seems pretty good. The site works pretty nice on a phone also. It looks almost like on a PC.


First 20 seconds of private shows are free. Some shows have cheap prices. There are models that have pretty interesting shows. The video quality was in HD mostly. Recorded videos can be found for cheap prices. It’s easy to navigate on the site.


There are no free shows.


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