MaturesCam - There isn’t anything better than this site


Date: September 18, 2017

Written by: Malmo (Male, 23)


Could you actually imagine something better than looking at mature girls who know everything you want? Well, I don’t remember when I had this much fun on some site. The design of this site is pretty amazing because I found everything I could think off really fast. There were around 300 models online at the time I was there which is quite amazing. Besides that, there are more than 10000 thousands registered models which is quite impressive. There are no useless things on the main page so I didn’t get confused with anything while I was searching for something specific. If you want to open some show, you will have a couple information about that show before even opening it like rating and model’s age.
When a site has a lot of models available, you need some time to find someone specific if you don’t have right features. However, this site has a couple of amazing features that only make everything easier. The best feature in my opinion is the advanced search. You can select multiple tags right away and when you finish with using the filter, you will have a lot less models on the display. This feature gives you a smaller group of specific models so you will most definitely find someone you want. Categories can also do a pretty nice job. There are around 30 categories available and all kinds of content are available. If you were on this site previously, then you probably know someone’s name. That is the only way to use one more feature that allows you to search for some model by her name. You can also sort models out by their rating, name and a couple of more things. It just depends what you want to look at.
Luckily, this site offers free shows for everyone. When I say for everyone, I really mean that. Even if you don’t have an account, you can also use free shows. Free shows have a free chat window that lets you to talk with the model for an unlimited time. Models usually respond to every text, but don’t be surprised if you get ignored because they like to focus on those users who will actually spend money on them. That is also one of the reasons why you should create an account because then you won’t be listed as a guest. You should keep in mind that models will not get naked in the free show. I don’t know why anyone would expect to see that. Most people seem to forget that so they constantly ask models to do all kinds of things.
After the free show, you can open a private show. These shows aren’t free anymore so you have to have an account to open one of these shows. The price of a private show can vary because not all shows are the same. Some models will just get naked and that is it. However, there are some kinky models who like to do much more than just get naked. The price of a show doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the show. Some shows are actually overrated and they aren’t worth that much money. The average price is per minute, but there are some shows that can go for per minute or even per minute. IF the show is expensive, it doesn’t mean it is good. I actually found some show that cost per minute and it was much better than some show that cost per minute.
There is one more type of a private show and it is not always available. The VIP show is available only when some model wants to raise a lot of money for a short time. Let’s say that some model wanted to raise 0 really fast and everyone who donated her money will get to look at her show. These shows are much better than other private shows, but that is why they are that expensive.
Paying for these shows is done with previously bought credits. The store offers multiple packages and you only have to select one of them. The least expensive package and the one that is perfect to start with cost 21 EUR and you get 18 credits in that package. If you spend this amount, then you can go further. It is pretty important not to rush things because you can regret it. The most expensive package is 161 EUR and you get 158 credits in there. The price of 1 credit is little over 1 EUR and you can notice that the price goes down with bigger packages. Every package except the least expensive one has a small amount of bonus credits after you buy the package.
The video quality here is pretty amazing. All shows nowadays are in full HD quality. I didn’t open one show that was in bad quality and the most important thing is that they were all in fluid motion. Some cameras could even be controlled with a remote control during a live stream so I noticed that some shows were zoomed in on some nice parts of a model. Most models were streaming from a studio so that means they are professional models. That explains the good camera quality. There were also some amateur models here and I liked those models much more than other ones.
Using this site is possible on a phone also. Shows loaded pretty fast and there were none problems for me. It was just a little harder to use this site on a phone because of a much smaller screen than on a pc.


The video quality was really good. Shows loaded pretty fast and they were in fluid motion. Prices are affordable in most cases. Multiple types of shows are available for most users.


I didn’t find anything bad about this site.


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