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Date: October 25, 2017

Written by: Marton (Male, 18)


You can get used to looking at many sites that look alike, but you don’t get to run into a site that is original one actually. Many sites are made based on this one and I am glad that I finally found some time to write a review about this site. The background is not some bright color, but a red one that is pretty pleasant to look at. This site is one of site that has more than 1000 online models at all times. Models here are from all over the world and they speak more than English. You can find a lot more models than you would expect at some hours when you should probably be asleep.
Using this site is pretty simple because all the important things are pointed out and it is pretty much impossible to miss click on something. There aren’t many things that you need here so you will only use one section with models and that is it.
All models here have a free show available when they aren’t in a private one. You can watch all free shows without even creating an account, but if you want to do something more than just look at free shows, create an account right away. It just takes a couple of seconds and you are ready to go. if some models sees an user listed as a guest, that user will probably be ignored by everyone. I found out that the key thing to do here is to make a model think you will spend a lot of money on her. That way, you will get all the attention. However, most models won’t do pretty much in the free show so you shouldn’t waste your time in there. The best thing I did there was find out something that model does in the private show and I knew what was I getting into.
Private shows can something be really affordable and in other cases, not so much. Prices vary from per minute to more than per minute, but you can find most shows for around .5 per minute. Prices usually don’t have much with the quality of the show because some cheaper shows are really good and they are almost the same like those expensive ones. That is what got me thinking that some shows are overpriced as hell. Luckily, you have a counter in the private show that shows you how much time you spend in there. You won’t get charged for something without notice and if you run out of credits during a show, you will just be disconnected.
When you want to find some model, you can do it really easy with one of features here. It doesn’t matter that you have a lot of models online, you will manage to narrow the search to a lot less models than before. The best feature in my opinion is the advanced search because it allows you to select around 10 tags at once. You will have around 100 or fewer models on the display instead of seeing more than 1000 of them. Besides this feature, you can also try out some categories that are on top of the page. This does the trick, but you still have a lot of models on the display.
If you enjoyed private shows, wait until you try the VIP show. I found out about this only later and I was amazed with that show. This show is not available always and not all models have ti. Basically, when some model wants to raise a little more money than usually, she started the VIP show and everyone who donated her money will get to watch her show when she gets enough money. These shows can last around 10 minutes and it is worth paying for them for every second.
Credits are used as a payment method and you can choose one of many packages in the store. The price of 1 credit is little over 1 EUR and the price just lowers when you buy some bigger package. The least expensive package has 18 credits and you can get them for 21 EUR. That is the best package to start with because you won’t regret that much if you don’t like the site after all. There is also some bonus amount of credits after each purchase. If you buy the biggest package, you will get 10 bonus credits on top of 158 bough ones for 161 EUR.
All models here have an HD camera and I think that most of them are actually professional models. You can clearly see if some model is streaming from a studio or not. I kind of prefer amateur models and it isn’t hard to find them at all. Some models have cameras that can be controlled with a remote control during a live stream and you will be really lucky if you run into one of those shows.
If you don’t have time to use this site at home, you can also do it from your phone. It is supported on a iPhone and Android without any additional program. Everything works the same like on a PC without any doubts.


Finally an original site. Many models are online. The video quality is in HD.


Nothing is bad on this site.


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