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Date: December 11, 2017

Written by: George (Male, 31)


I opened this site through some link I ran into and there was a big surprise for me at the very beginning. Instead of seeing the main page, some show opened and there was a hot chick fingering her pussy. There is nothing better to see when you get on any site.
Because I already saw they show when I got there, I’ll talk about that first. I realized that free shows are available here, but not all models have them. However, it’s nice to see that someone is willing to show you something for free. Tipping is available in free show and that makes the show more interesting. That is also why that model was playing with her pussy when I got there. Someone else tipped her and I got to enjoy the show same like that person, but I didn’t lose one cent. That is kind of a dick move to make because everyone else is paying a model to do something and you are just sitting and enjoying the show. However, you can’t ask for anything in that show if you are not tipping the model because why would that model do anything to you.
After looking at a free show for some time, I wanted to see what this site offers more. The main page is filled with pictures of models. That is the only thing in needed to see really. Before even opening a show, you can clearly see the price of a private show. While you are holding your cursor on a show, a preview of that show starts in that box where model’s picture was. You don’t even have to open a show to see what happens in there and that is one of the best features so far.
When it comes to finding some show, you don’t have many options. I only found categories here. There were around 40 categories and each one shows how many models are online in there. I counted 250 or so models online at that moment and that is quite enough. However, I would like to see more than just 1 feature that can help you out with your search.
Before going to private shows, you need to buy some credits first. When you register to the site, you get 120 free credits. There are 3 packages in the store and there are discounts on each one of them. When you buy more credits, you get a bigger discount. For you can get around 20 or a little bit more credits. There is also a VIP subscription on this site. you get access to all kinds of things and you even get some credits to spend on shows.
Prices of private shows vary from one model to another, but I saw shows going from 60 credits per minute to 90 credits per minute. That means you get to find shows that cost per minute or per minute. Those are not high prices and they could be really good shows.
You can get different shows from each model. Some of them will do more than others which was expected. All of them will get naked pretty fast in the show, but what happens next varies. Some of them will just dance naked or do something like that. Other models are even willing to include some sex toys or something like that. I don’t know what you are into, but I know I liked those shows with sex toys included.
Besides live shows, you can find recorded videos and of course, you have to pay for them. You can pay for videos on 3 different ways. The price of most videos is around 250 or 300 credits. I didn’t buy any of them and I don’t know if you get the video for limited time or for unlimited time.
The video quality was good in all cases. Almost every model had an HD camera and all shows were in fluid motion. That made it much easier to watch the show because there were no lags or similar things.
This site worked on a phone also. I opened it through a regular browser and everything was the same like on a pc. That made it much easier to get around the site because I was in a familiar area.


Affordable prices usually. Enough models are online. Recorded videos are available.


There should be more search features.


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