Strip4bit Bitcoin sexcam review - There is a new way to pay for live shows


Date: November 22, 2017

Written by: Ben (Male, 27)


I just couldn’t believe what I saw with my eyes. I knew Bitcoins are used for many things on the internet, but I just didn’t expect it to see a live cam site that uses them. I’m not saying that in a bad way, don’t get me wrong. This is a pretty nice way to pay for shows without leaving some trace about yourself.
This site really has many registered models, I think around 2000 of them if I saw right. But there are only 150 models online at most times. I was on this site multiple times to check it out and the number of online didn’t change. It’s not strange at all to me because this site is probably one of newer ones.
Bitcoins are something you shouldn’t mess around with if you don’t know how to use it. You can lose a lot of money because you don’t know much. So when it comes to actually paying for some show, you should at least find a show that you think you will like. Besides the regular search box, you can use the filter. This feature allows you to select a couple of tags at once and you will get a better result when you finish with using it. The thing I didn’t like was that you can see both online and offline models at the same time. Only one green dot makes the difference between online and offline models.
Let’s just say that there are no free shows with any model. Every model has a free profile that can be seen by everyone. There is enough information and pictures there to decide if you are going in that show or not. Model state what they like to do any what are they willing to do. I noticed that most models speak English and German. Some of them also speak Italian. That made me think that most models are from Germany and some countries near that one.
Don’t be surprised if you see that the price of a show per minute is around 0.001 BTC or something like that. That is actually not so small amount of money because 1 Bitcoin costs around 00 now. Most shows cost around per minute, which is quite expensive, but when you see what that show offers, you won’t regret it at all. Off course, some models will do more than others, but you will be pleased in all cases.
The video quality was just like I expected. It was only in HD and even better sometimes. Many models are equipped with remote controlled cameras which is a pretty useful thing. They can move the camera and even zoom in on them at any moment. All models here were professional ones, I think. It just seemed like that at least.
There is no store here. You have to connect your account with Bitcoins to this site and with a couple of clicks, you are set to go. There won’t be any trace of you on this site because you won’t be asked to give any personal information.
This site also works on both iPhone and Android phone. There were no problems for me on either one of these phones. I just don’t like the smaller are than on a PC.


The video quality is HD and better. Detailed models’ profiles. Private shows are worth your money, but a bit expensive. The filter is available as a search feature.


You can test some show in free version.


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