Camquery - There aren’t many sites like this one


Date: July 18, 2017

Written by: George (Male, 45)


Let’s start with the design of the site. I like how they placed model’s pictures on the center of the page because that is the main thing I am here. Every picture reveals only important things about every model so there are no doubts if that model is worth watching or not. I really like how the black background points out important features on the site. There are many ways to find the perfect model, but this site has only those important and the best features.
The first thing I did here was take a look at the models based on their profile pictures to see if it is even worth spending some time here. After that, I focused on finding the model I like. Because this site has more than 10000 models registered and about 1000 are always online, it can be hard to find the one you are looking for. Luckily, there are few ways that can narrow the search for at least half. The first feature you can use is categories. They can’t be missed because they are pointed out on the side of the page. There are more than 30 categories and they can nicely divide models into many sections. That narrows the search a lot, but there are too many models again. The best feature I have seen here is the advanced search engine. You can select up to 6 different keywords and the search will be narrowed to just a few models. After doing that, there is no need to use anything else because you have very little models in front of you. One more thing that can be done is to arrange models by their rating.
There are free and private shows here. Not many sites offer you to look at free shows and that is one of the main reasons this site is good. The free show is available at every model’s profile. Every model has both free and private shows. You don’t even need an account to access the free show so you can look at how many shows you like for free. Tipping the model is available in the free show, so with each tip, there will be a reward from the model. None models are ready to masturbate or get naked in the free show. That is the main reason why you have a chat window that allows you to talk with the model to find out what she is ready to do. The private show is available only to members with an account. The price for 1 minute in the private show can vary, but the average price is . There are some shows that cost up to for 1 minute, but you can expect anything in those shows. Shows are paid with credits and there are 5 packages with credits in the shop. The least expensive packages have 18 credits and it costs 21 EUR. The most expensive package costs 161 EUR and it has 158 credits. Every package except the least expensive one has a bonus amount of credits after buying the package.
The video quality of each show is only in HD. I haven’t seen one show that was in bad quality yet. Some models have cameras that are equipped with movement options, so they can zoom in on some important detail. One last show here is the VIP show. Not every model has this show and not all members can access them. Only the fastest ones can subscribe to the show and if they are lucky, some of them will enjoy few minutes there.
Every model has its own profile where you can find useful information. Pictures are available for free to everyone on the site and you can also find out what some model likes and what doesn’t she like.
There is a section with top 100 models and you can be the one who votes for the best one. Every week that section has different models and there are rewards at the end of the week.
This site has guys, girls, and even transsexuals. There are much more girls online than guys and trannies. However, guys and trannies are ready to do much more in their shows than the girls.


One of the best things here is that you have more than 1000 models online. It is pretty much impossible to not find a model for yourself. Many options for searching the model are available. The prices are not too high and not too low. A bonus amount of credits is one of the best deals I have seen. The video quality is HD and my guess is that all these performers are professional, not amateurs.


Nothing is wrong with this site.


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