Joyourself - There are too many sites like this one


Date: February 14, 2018

Written by: George (Male, 23)


If you ever came on seekcams and started opening sites on the first page, you would notice that all those sites are pretty much the same. Everything looks the same, only the background is different. Even models are the same on all those sites.
If you look at this from another angle, you can see that all those sites are equally good. Probably the same guy owns all those sites and he doesn’t have to change anything. However, I don’t see any point in having 10 same sites. That’s now why I am here so let’s get down to the business.
This site had enough models online to find few shows that were watching. I am not sure about the exact number of online models, but there are definitely more than 400 of them online. Out of those 400 models, 300 were girls. There are always a lot more girls than guys and trannies combined. I am here just to look at girls so I don’t mind having more girls on the site than other genders.
There weren’t many things to do on this site but to open a show. There are many free shows on this site and it would be a waste if I didn’t check out few of them. I am pretty certain that all models here have free shows if they are currently not in a private show. You can see some useful things in there like the quality of a show and how a model looks like. There wasn’t anything else but that in there that was worth watching. If you spend too much time in there, you just wasted your time and you don’t gain anything from that.
The bad thing is that you can’t tip models in shows. If you could, they would probably do something in their shows. They are only sitting in front of camera in the underwear and that is it. If you want some action, you have to go to a private show.
I didn’t want to open a show randomly so I tried out these features on the site. I saw that there were 4 features here, but I only used one of those. Although I saw categories first, I used the filter at the end. Categories are good on sites where you don’t have the filter. However, the filter does a much better job here so I didn’t want to any more time with other things than the filter. I had quite fun with this feature because it narrowed the search to around 20 online models. It was quite easy to select a model after that.
Everyone knows that you can’t get the same quality in all shows. Some models just know how to please you better than other ones. I wasn’t up just for strip shows. I never am actually. I am always looking for more than just a naked model. There are some models who like to masturbate in their shows and that are enough for me. It’s better than just a strip show to be honest.
The difference in prices is not that big. Most shows go from per minute to around per minute. Of course, there are some shows that go up to or more per minute, but there aren’t many of those shows. I think that most shows have the right prices because if I paid for a show less, I got less quality. That is not the case with all shows, but it usually with most shows.
One thing is certain here. All shows were in HD and in fluid motion. That is the thing that shouldn’t change and I don’t think that you can get better quality than this.
This site uses credits for private shows. You have 5 different packages in the store. You can buy more or fewer credits at once. If you buy more, you get a small discount and even bonus credits for free.


Most shows were pretty fun to watch. They also had reasonable prices. All shows were in HD. navigating on the site is quite easy.


This site is obviously a copy. I was hoping to see more action in a free show.





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