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Date: December 12, 2017

Written by: Fred (Male, 18)


I always like to say that the appearances of a site are the most important thing in the beginning. If you have hard time using the site or you don’t like what is on the site, you probably won’t stay there. That is just something logical because there are much better looking and well organized sites on the internet.
This site wasn’t spectacular at all. Everything seemed so simple and I had a feeling that something was missing from the beginning. The background was too bright for my eyes and I didn’t like that from start. However, it made it much easier to find something you are looking for.
Only 100 models were online when I got to this site. That just sucks. There should be at least 3 times more than that. There were thousands of registered models on the site and that seemed even weirder that there were no more models online.
Some models had free shows and some of them didn’t. That was the first thing I started to look at because I wanted to see what was I getting into. Models were pretty hot in all shows I opened. They were in some tight underwear and they were just waiting to get naked. There was this thing with a show that annoyed me at first. If you don’t have an account, you won’t see the show in regular quality. It will all be blurry and it’s not easy to watch it. That is why I created an account to see everything in regular quality and not to be listed as a guest. Models did want to talk to me even though I was a guest at first, but I didn’t expect much from that because they knew I couldn’t do anything without an account.
I just didn’t want to pick a site randomly from the main page. I mean, I could do that, but why would I when there are some features that can help you out. There were some categories on top of the page that were most used I think. You could select one of those categories or you could just open the full list. There were around 30 categories and you could select only one at the time. The advanced search or filter is not available here and that makes it a bit harder to find some model. However, there are not many models online so that makes it easier to find someone.
Private shows were quite better than I expected. Models were pretty straightforward and they did anything I wanted pretty much. Of course, that cost some money. This one private show I was in cost per minute and I didn’t think that was much at all. However, when you spend a lot of time in there, you can easily spend without even noticing. There is a counter in each private show that shows you how much time you spent in there. That can help you out to not lose track of time while you are in there. Nobody would like to lose more money than he would want to.
Most shows were in HD. I didn’t check out that many shows, but out of 10 shows, 8 were in HD and the rest were in medium quality. The most important thing is that they were all in fluid motion. I noticed the difference between amateur models and professional ones. There were more amateur ones I think. I would say that because you can clearly see the difference between a studio and a bedroom.
Lives shows are not the only thing you can find here. You can also run into videos and photos here. Some videos and photos are completely free, but they last for around 2 minutes. If you are looking for something better, you need to open videos in full length. The price of 1 video can be or , but maybe even more. I didn’t really look that much into that section.
This site worked well on a phone. I opened it through a regular browser and everything was almost the same. I just didn’t like that I had to scroll much more than on a pc to find something.


The video quality is in HD. Prices are affordable in most cases. The site works well on a phone.


There should be more search features. Not many models are online here.


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