Live Pimpin - There are many sites like this one


Date: July 19, 2017

Written by: Smith (Male, 28)


After looking at the site’s name, I would have expected to see something new and better than anything else. However, it didn’t take much time to realize that this site was the same as many other sites. The design gave it away because I have seen at least 5 sites that are same like this one. One of the best things you can find here is that the prices are cheap. Private shows cost around and the price doesn’t go much above that. That is the best thing because you already know what the prices are and they can’t change when you go to some other model. I noticed that some of these models are also on some other site, so I guess that they are streaming on multiple sites at the same time. If I am right, bigger half of these performers are not native English speakers, but they do know enough to talk with you. The video quality is medium in most cases, but sometimes, it can get worse than that. There aren’t many HD cameras based on what I saw.
After looking at the site for some time, I found out that there can be 20 models online or sometimes up to 100. Either way, the shows are great no matter what. The main thing a site should focus on is to have enough models for their fans. IF there are many performers and not so many users, models won’t stay online for long. Searching for some specific type of a model is one of the most important things here. Luckily, there are a few features here that will help you with that. The advanced search engine allows you to select multiple tags at the same time so the search will narrow models to just a few. The models are also divided into categories so they can be found by going to some category. One last thing that can help you is to sort them by age, height, ethnicity, eye color, and gender. Sadly, sorting girls by the breast size are not available here.
Every model has a profile that has some pictures available for everyone. Besides that, you can also find some useful information about the model that can help you in the private show. Also, sending a private message is available.
The video quality is like said average. However, there are some shows where you can find a great picture, but the show is not fluid. That is a bigger problem because sometimes, the show can start lagging while looking at the most important part of it. Because of this problem, I get why shows cots per minute. Finding some show with both good pictures and that was fluid isn’t that hard because of the advanced search engine. You can select to look at better shows.
Free shows are available for everyone, but there are some models that don’t have free shows. They are listed under private shows only and I don’t know why. Paying for something without looking at it first is risky if you ask me.
Talking about the model is available if you have a microphone. Same like that, talking with her while your camera is working is also available. Chatting with the models is available in both free and private shows but compared to these two features, it is nothing spectacular.
There are some competitions going around here and both performers and users can win the lottery. Picking the winner from the performers is based on how much money to they collect. But, picking the winner from users is based on how much money do they spend. So if you spend more, it is likely that you will win something.
Looking at this site is also available via phone. Everything works the same, even better. It is really easy to use the site and the quality of shows is better than on the computer. One small difference here is that the chat box is too small, so when you want to look at the conversation, you have to keep scrolling until you find what you wanted.


Shows are cheap. Giving per minute can’t be found anywhere else. There are enough models here and most of them are ready to do a lot of kinky things. Free shows are available and you can find out whatever you want about the model.


There are no HD cameras and shows are not fluid. Sometimes, I get an error that my IP address is banned. There is no original content here. Everything is already seen on some other site.


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