CameraBoys - There are many hot guys on this site


Date: January 19, 2018

Written by: Michelle (Female, 29)


I don’t get a chance to look at a site that has only male models. Most sites have all genders and guys are in minority. However, that is not the case here. They can’t be in minority if they are the only ones on a site. There were more models online than I expected to see. I think that there were around 250 of them, but I am not completely sure. There is no counter on a visible place or at all that shows you the exact number of online models. I just browsed a couple pages and saw how many models were online.
Since I said that I browsed a couple pages and that means it took some time to look at all those models. Let’s face it, you don’t like every guy equally. Maybe you are into older or younger guys and there are all kinds of guys on the site. Looking at each one of them just doesn’t make any sense. There are some features that help you out right at the beginning.
The best feature so far was the advanced search. I don’t know if you ever used it, but if you did, you know what I am talking about. This feature allowed me to select 10 tags at once and that narrowed the show enough. There were much fewer models online and I select one show pretty fast after that. Besides this one feature, I also saw categories. There were around 20 or so. They seemed useful, but not as nearly as the filter. The last thing you could do is arrange models in different orders. You can look at new ones, the best ones or in some other order.
Before you open a show, you can see what is going on in there. If you hold your cursor on a show, a preview will start. You can see if a model is nude, fully clothes and if he is doing something. That is a good way to decide if that show is worth it or not.
All models have free shows. That is a good thing to know. I didn’t have to spend one cent before seeing what that show offers. Like I expected, nothing happened in free shows. They were just sitting on a bad and that is it. However, some of them wanted to tease me a bit and that was nice of them. It was hard to decide if I should go to a private show with any one of them because I didn’t see what they offer. They just said what would they do, but can you really trust them?
I got to this site and it would be a waste of my time if I didn’t go to at least one private show. I went to the store first to buy some credits. There were 5 packages and I bought the cheapest one. It cost 21 EUR and it has 18 credits. That was enough for the beginning. The most expensive package had 158 credits and it cost 161 EUR. That seems a bit too much for me so I didn’t even consider buying that one. The price of one credit is around 1 EUR as you can see. If you buy more credits, you get a very small discount. The best thing is that you get bonus credits for each purchase.
Prices of private shows are different in most cases. Some shows cost per minute and some go up to or even more per minute. You have to find out the price before opening a show to not get surprised later when you run out of credits.
Some guys wanted to so nice and kinky things in their shows, but others wouldn’t. I get that some of them have some boundaries but it would be nice to see more than just as strip show. If I wanted to see a naked guy, I would just look that on any other site for free.
The video quality of most shows was in HD. Almost every show I opened was in HD. there were only few shows that were in medium quality. All shows were in fluid motion and that means none of them had problems with connection or something like that.
I just saw that there were also VIP shows. I know what those shows are but I didn’t look at them on this site. Only few guys had them at the time I was there, but there aren’t many of those shows ever.


Enough guys were online during my stay. Almost every show was in high resolution. Most shows had reasonable prices. It was easy to find someone special because of amazing features.


Shows could be a bit better.


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