MyCams - The site looks different, but has the same models as some other site


Date: February 13, 2018

Written by: Nandor (Male, 18)


I was going through all sites on seekcams and I realized that there are around 10 sites that are basically the same. They are one below other and that makes it even easier to spot the similarities on these sites. The only difference is the background color. Some site has black background, some have red and this one has blue. If a site is going to be a copy, it shouldn’t be that obvious.
However, there is a good site of all this. This site works really well and it’s simple to use. I noticed that there are many and many models online at all times. There are usually around 500 models online which is quite enough. This site has guys, girls and transsexual performers. You can go to each section for free, but there aren’t as many guys and trannies like there are girls.
It’s good that all these features and important things are pointed out. I found everything in needed when I got to the site. I didn’t have to look for some features or something like that.
Finding shows here is pretty easy. You can use categories or the filter. Categories do a pretty nice job, but there are still many models left to choose from. The filter does a much better job. You can select up to 10 different things at once and you will end up with around 10 models on the display. You can arrange those models in some specific order with other features, but I don’t think that here is any need for that.
The best things so far about this site are free shows. Every model has them and you can watch them without being charged. You can even open them without an account. However, there is no need to do that. You will just be ignored if you are listed as a guest so I wouldn’t recommend that. It literally takes 30 seconds to create an account on this site.
The bad thing about free shows is that you don’t get to see anything. You can’t even tip the model so I don’t know what to expect from these shows. Models are just sitting in front of the camera and that is it. They aren’t taking off the clothes or even teasing you. They usually tell you to go to a private show if you want to see something. Each one of them has a profile where you get to see all info about that model. If you like something, you can just go to that show. And if you don’t, you can look for some other model.
Like I said, you won’t see anything in a free show so there is no need to waste time in there. If you want some action, go to a private show. There are different types of private shows and you have to find that one that suits you the best. Some models will do more than other models and that is kind of expected of them. You just should go to a show that you don’t know you don’t like. I wouldn’t do that, but if you want to, just go for it. No one will stop you.
I think that the best type of a show is when a model does more than just get naked. Sadly, there aren’t many of those models. Some of them will just get naked and that is it. You can just look at them, but they won’t do more. Those other models like to spice things up by taking a sex toy when they get naked. Can you imagine all the possibilities in that show?
Prices of private show vary like on all other sites, but most shows have the same price. I saw the most shows that cost per minute. That is not expensive at all. You can get a pretty nice show and spend only on it. Some shows are even cheaper than that. There are shows going for per minute and even up to per minute. That’s a quite big difference, but there aren’t many of those expensive shows.
There are also VIP shows. These shows aren’t available on every site. Basically, when a model starts this show, only the fastest ones can watch it. Models usually ask for 20 or so credits and when they get it, their shows start. Those shows are pretty much like private shows. Only now, you can watch them for less money, or more. You never know how much money you will spend because if there are more people, you will spend less money.
There is one thing certain here. All shows were in HD. there wasn’t one single show that was in lower quality than HD. on top of that, they were also in fluid motion. I didn’t run into one single problem with the quality of a show. Some shows had even remote controlled cameras. That made shows much better than other shows.
This site uses credits is a payment method. You can buy them in store and there are 5 packages. The price of 1 credit is always a bit over 1 EUR and that’s it. If you buy more credits at once, you get a small discount and even a bonus amount of credits. The most expensive package is 161 EUR and you get 158 credits in it + 10 free credits.
This site also works on a phone. It looks pretty much just like on a PC, but only smaller.


There were enough performers online. Navigating on the site was quite easy. Shows were usually pretty good. The quality of shows was only in HD.


There are at least 10 sites like this one.


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