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Date: June 19, 2017

Written by: John (Male, 30)


Hearing about a cam show site that is VR was something unbelievable to me. I just couldn’t leave it at knowing that it exists without checking it out. So I decided to take a peek. The first thing I saw when I opened the site was a blurred picture of a hot girl in her underwear and on top of that was a login and sigh up button. I liked that really much because it wasn’t something bright that would just shock my eyes. And this is something that not many sites have. So, first impression was more than better. This sited can’t be used by everyone. You can open the show even without VR equipment but that is not it. Because I had Oculus Rift, I could see what all this hype was about. Before talking about the show, I need to mention few more things.
Even though the background color of the main page was darker picture when I opened this site, when I scrolled down, everything was white. I didn’t expect that. I was kind of disappointed because I can’t look at bright colors very long and what is the point of looking at these kinds of sites for just few minutes.
Good thing about this design is that you actually see which models are online at certain moment. There are not a lot of them, but all of these models are smoking hot and they are worth watching. Besides seeing which model is online right now, you can actually see which model will be online at what time. There is a section on the bottom of the page that has a group of models and there are schedules of each and every one. There is not just one show per day. There are three or more shows per each day of every model.
Like on any other cam show site, there are two types of shows that you can see. There are free ones and there are private ones. Let’s talk about free ones first. You don’t expect much from these shows. Usually there is a hot girl sitting somewhere in the house in her favorite underwear and that is pretty much it. That is not the case here, or did I get lucky? However, the girl I look at was some hot babe full of tattoos and she wasn’t just sitting. She actually started rubbing her tight cunt and squeezing her boobs in free show. I was shocked. I just wanted to see more and more of it. I think this babe showed what is the point of free shows. Models need to tease you in free show just so you can pay them to go to the private shows.
Before going to the private show, you need to get some coins first. It isn’t hard at all. All you have to do is use your real credit card info and you are good to go. One more thing about the credit card is that at the end of the month, there won’t be shown these bills.
Private show is what everyone wants to see and these kinds of shows are not available everywhere. Looking at private show on regular site that doesn’t have VR is also amazing, but imagine all that with VR. Besides talking with the model, you get to move your hand around and look at her from different angles. I still can’t believe how someone thought of creating this.
If someone has any problems with getting ahold of this site, there is a ‘HELP’ button. That is actually directed to the customer support and you can ask them anything and they get back to you as soon as they can.
Last thing I saw on this site was a direct link that leads you to VR Porn. I think that is the site that is connected to this one, but that is not what I came to talk about here.


You can't find everywhere VR cam shows and that is the first good thing about this site. Although there are not a lot of models here, each and every one of them is smoking hot and it is ready to do a lot more stuff in free show that usually. Design of this site is much more different while being compared to other sites. And one thing that i didn't expect to be like this was that creating a free account was actually free.


Background color is mostly white and that is not the right color for the background in my opinion. There are not many models online at one time and that is shame.


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