Live Pimpin - The best thing here is cheap prices


Date: September 22, 2017

Written by: Allan (Male, 33)


The first impression of the site really mates because if you don’t like the design of the site, you probably won’t continue to look at the site. This site has a nice design with well-organized shows on the main page. You can clearly see that there is a section with only top 5 models on the site. That list is updated weekly so you can keep track of the best models on the site. When it comes to the number of online models, I wasn’t too impressed. There were no more than 30 models online at the time I was there. I checked out this site a couple of times and the number went from 20 to 80. That didn’t seem logic to me because there were more than 6000 registered models on the site. Generally, the site looks ok, but that is the only positive thing I can say.
If you feel the need to use some features to find a specific show, you won’t need to. There are only 30 models online and if you can’t find model on the main page, you shouldn’t even continue to look at the site. However, the only thing I noticed was categories. There were 10 categories and only one of them had models inside. I don’t even want to ask myself why that is. One more thing you can do is search for some model by her screen name, but I don’t even see a point in that. Sorting out models is also available, but again, no need for that.
Luckily, free shows are available on this site. You can open any shows that is on the main page without paying anything first. I had some problems at the beginning with opening shows because every time I selected something, it said that my IP address was blocked. That got me pissed actually because I was on this site for the first time. I did some magic and now, I could open shows, but I lost interest in this site a long time ago. Shows were fine in fact, but you can’t expect to see any nudity in there because models are just sitting in the free show. The best thing you can do is use the free chat window to talk with the model about the private show. I was surprised when I actually got a response to every text.
The private show is maybe the best thing about this site. It would be weird if it wasn’t, but I meant on the price specifically. The price of every private show is .98 per minute. You won’t find that price on any other site but here. Yes, I got to see a model nude, but there weren’t models who were willing to do all kinds of kinky things in here. I didn’t waste my time anymore so I just quit the show after a couple of minutes.
The video quality is quite nice here. You can see almost every detail in the show without squealing your eyes or something like that. The most important thing was that they were in fluid motion. All models here were streaming from their houses and that was quite nice because I prefer amateur models. If you double click on the show, it will go over a full screen.
The last thing I wanted to do was test this site on a phone. It worked, but there were some problems for me. Shows didn’t load so fast and they were some issues with the lagging.


The only good thing about this site is cheap prices.


Search options suck and there is no need to use them. Little models are online, which sucks. Models were too boring in their shows.


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