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Date: November 21, 2017

Written by: Steven (Male, 27)


Not many people would get why I said the best free live cam site, but if everyone who checked out this site will agree with me. Basically, there is no need for a private show here because everything you need is available in a free show.
There are 4 sections with girls, guys, couples and trannies. You can look at all models together or separately. Not many models were online. I think that there were around 150 models online, but all models offer you really good shows so there is no need for more models in my opinion.
This site doesn’t have many search features available. I found only tags that work like categories. There are around 10 tags on the main page and those are the most searched ones. You can open a full list that has more than 50 tags. Luckily, this site doesn’t have many models online. If there were more models, it would be harder to find some specific model. I didn’t have anything against just scrolling through the main page to find a model because pictures refreshed every minute and those pictures are screenshots from the current show. That is a great way to see what happens in a show without opening it.
On most sites, you expect to see pretty much nothing in free shows, but that is certainly not the case here. You can see anything you want in free shows. There is a really good thing about having group shows. If you don’t want to spend money and still want to satisfy your needs, you can because of other people’s generosity. Models will do pretty much anything for a big tip. If someone else tips the model, she will do what that one user wants even though there are more users in the show. If you are listed as a guest, don’t even try to ask for anything because you will be ignored. After seeing all these things in free shows, I didn’t even know why private shows exist.
I was just too curious why there were private shows available so I had to check out one private show. All models have them and the price varies. I was shocked when I saw how big the price was. Most models asked for around or more per minute. I just didn’t get why. I found out that private shows are the same like free ones. Everything they do in there will be seen in a private show. Only this time, you don’t have to tip a model for everything.
The video quality wasn’t that good. Most models have a pretty nice video quality, but it was a little blurry. However, everything could be seen pretty easy so it’s not bad. The camera was positioned perfectly so everything important could be seen at every moment.
The store offers multiple packages with tokens. You can see what happens in free shows for free so you can decide how many tokens you need right away. You won’t regret buying those tokens at any moment because you will spend them all most definitely.


The site works on a phone. Free shows are better than on any other site. Easy to navigate.


The video quality should improve a bit. Lack of search features.


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