LiveSex Awards - Stunning models are online here at most times


Date: February 13, 2018

Written by: Bando (Male, 18)


This wasn’t my first time on the site, but I think that after all this time, I finally have to write a review. The site looks so simple to be honest. The main page has some features and shows. You don’t need anything else than that and the most important thing is that there are no ads there. I get pissed off when I click on some ad and I get redirected to some other page. I really like that the background is dark. That points out all the important things on the site. I found everything I needed very fast and I didn’t have any problems while using the site. I’m pretty sure that I saw few sites that are pretty much like this one. I really don’t mind it because this site works great and it has everything in need. It would be a lot better if there was a counter that showed me how many models are online. I have to guess how many models are online. You can look through pages and count how many are online. This site had around 400 performers online and that’s quite enough. If there were a lot more of them, it would be harder to find that one special model. There is also one bad thing about all this. Online models are mixed with offline ones. Before you even open a free show, you can see what’s happening in there. The preview of the show starts if you hold your cursor over the show. If you won’t like what you see, you can look for something else. Free shows are good for the beginning, but not for more than that. You can find out enough from those shows to decide if you are going to a private show or not. Most models don’t do anything in their shows. They just sit in front of the camera and they talk, listen to music or do something like that. You can’t tip a model so you can’t even persuade her into anything. You probably don’t like all models equally so that’s why you can narrow the search. There are multiple features that can help you out, but one of those is enough. The first one I notices was categories. This site has around 30 categories and you can find anything in there. However, that doesn’t narrow the search down enough. The best feature is the advanced search. This feature lets me select 10 tags at once and I get exactly what I was looking for. Instead of seeing 400 models, I have around 20 of them. That is a pretty good result and you can find one show easily. Most private shows are the same, but there are also ones that are better than other models. There is one thing certain about all shows. A model will get naked at the beginning of her show. What happens next is the most important thing. Some models won’t do more than just get naked and that sucks. I don’t want to pay for a show that only has striptease. I can see that for free on some other sites. The best private show is a show where a model includes role play or even sex toys. That is the most you get to see and I don’t think that there is something else. I like seeing models who know how to pleasure their fans in just a couple minutes. The average price of a show is around to per minute. You can find shows for per minute or even up to per minute. The price usually doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of a show. Some cheap shows can be better than those expensive ones. All shows I looked were in HD and even in fluid motion. They didn’t lag at any moment and I enjoyed each show at every moment. I also ran into a show that had remote controlled camera. A model didn’t have to move the camera with her hands because she could do all that with a remote. Besides free and private shows, there are also VIP ones. They can be better than private shows, but they can also be worse than some shows. Basically, everyone who spends some money on a VIP show gets to watch it when it starts. There are a limited number of spots in these shows. You can watch this show for less money if there are more users in it.


This site had many models online at all times. The quality of each show was in HD and it was also in fluid motion. Some cameras were remote controlled. Prices were usually affordable.


It would be good if I saw more in free shows.


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