Strip Hilo - Strip HiLo – An intriguing, but not so good concept


Date: May 26, 2017

Written by: Steve (Male, 36)


Every once in a while, someone from porn or webcam industry will try to shake things up by inventing something new. While it works in most cases, sometimes those innovations will backfire. In my humble opinion, Strip HiLo is one such innovation. While the website might not be entierly bad, it still isn't good enough to provide you with an enjoyable camming experience. And, this is all due to the fact that you have to play a game with the ladies. And, the game is rigged. It really is. Now, you might have heard about this website. You might have heard that it is good. But, let me tell you at the very beginning of this review – Strip HiLo is not a good website. As I've already said, it is not a complete disastzer, but it is bad. I was thinking on how to present this to you. I gave it some thought. So, I've decided to cowboy it. Instead of listing things properly, I am just going to talk about them as they come to my mind. Let us start with the very concept. Look, card games are supposed to be fun, right? Take poker for instance, it is an incredibly fun game. But, the game that the people from Strip HiLo have designed is no fun at all. Both you and the performer have to guess whether the card you get on the next draw is higher and lower. You can easily guess that there is a lot of room for potential cheating by the system. Since you are still paying your private shows per minute, the system might suddenly 'decide' to give you all of the opposite cards from your guesses. While I do not have any kind of an evidence that this is true, it has happened to me. Meaning, I did constantly lose while playing with this one girl. And, that my ladies and gentlemen, was not fun. At all. In fact, I was so frustrated that I almost hit my monitor. But, when I realized that that would only make me lose some more money, I stopped myself.

I do have one thing to say about this site which is good. They have hot ladies. They really do. These babes are steaming hot and they look rather alluring. But, once again, since the game is rigged (or stupid, there isn't a third option), everything else on this website pales into comparison to it. If your strongest point is your weakest one, in this case the strongest point of Strip HiLo being the card game, then you can safely assume that your business is going to fail. In fact, you can assume that your everything is going to fail. Just think about that for a moment. Imagine buying a Snickers bar and the filling inside was disgusting. Or buying a laptop that has been advertised as the best one, only to find out that it isn't. I mean, there are examples everywhere, but I hope that you will get my gist from these ones. Since we have established that the game is rigged, or that it is simply a stupid idea, let us move on to another thing which will poke your eye when it comes to this 'cam' website. That thing is its design. Just type strip hilo in your search bar and visit the site. Take a closer look at how it looks (let me add another look to that website – look, I just did it :P). Do you notice anything? How about the fact that the design is outdated? How about the fact that it looks more like it has been hastily put together by a random dude in Paint? Yes, unfortunately, this website has a horrid desing. So, besides its premise, which sucks, it also has another thing that is really awful. Seriously. And this is not the only cam site that is a vicitim of bad design 'vibes'. Just look at Live Pimpin. Dear. God. Anyway, yeah, the desing of this website is one big black puddle of incredibly stupid decisions. As is their card game. Seriously? You have to play a game to watch a babe strip? Yup. This is the 'live' version of a stupid porn flash game. There. I found an appropriate comparison for this site. Yay! Go me! But, seriously, there is no point in you visiting this site, since I only gave it two stars for its hot babes. Everything else plainly sucks!


The babes on this website are hot. That's it.


You have to play a stupid game in order to get the models to strip. This is a huge waste of your money and time since it seems like the game has been rigged. Also, the design of this site is really bad. Like, extremely bad!


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