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Date: January 8, 2018

Written by: Franklin (Male, 21)


I was on this site a couple times before I decided to write this review. There were some things here that basically made me to write this. At first, I really didn’t think much of this site because it seemed nothing special. It had the same design as many other sites and it was just too simple. I saw only shows can a couple categories. You really can’t expect much from that. However, I was wrong about some things, and I was right about the rest.
Most sites have free shows and this one also has them. However, there were some troubles before I managed to open one of those shows. It clearly says which shows is free and which one it isn’t. I just wanted to check out one show to see what was I dealing with and here comes a problem. When I clicked on that show, I was getting redirected to ‘sign up’ page, but that changed pretty soon. I ended up God knows where and I had to go back to the site. This happened a couple times so I started losing my nerves. I created an account right away so that didn’t happen again.
There are some models who offer free shows here and there are also ones who don’t have those shows. That actually narrowed the search down right away because I didn’t even think about paying for something before testing it a bit. While I am still on this topic, let’s talk about some features that narrow the search down also. The first thing I saw was categories. There were 15 categories I think. Each one showed how many models were in that one category. This is where one more problems appear. Categories said that there were around 200 models online, but the counter on the site showed 1200 online. I didn’t know which counter I should trust. Categories did a nice job, but that was not enough. I went to the advanced search right after this. This feature allowed me to select 10 tags or even more. I could narrow the search down to 10 models or so. After that, I had no problems with finding one specific model. I could select a few more things that could arrange models in specific order and that helped out a bit.
I saw some nice things in few free shows. I liked how models knew what to do to get my attention. It didn’t take me long to take one of those models in a private show. I just asked the price of that show and saw the video quality in a free show. I didn’t need anything more than that.
Prices usually vary here, but you can find some affordable shows really easy. Most shows cost around per minute and that was quite nice. I saw just few shows that cost per minute, but I didn’t open any of them. And there were also those expensive shows. Every site has them, but I didn’t open those show either.
Most private shows are different because some models like to do more than others. I had luck and ran into a model that wanted to do a bit more than I expected. At first, I would never guess that these models were trannies, but you see that clearly in a private show. They played with their boobs, junk, some of them even included sex toys. It was really great. Time really flies in there. I just didn’t see any counter that showed me how much time I spent in a show. I could be in there for more time than I planned and that means I would lost much more money than I should have.
The video quality was just right. It could always be better, but this was enough for the beginning. All shows were in fluid motion. That means none shows had lags, problems with the internet connection or something similar. Most shows were in HD, but some of them were in medium quality. I got used to seeing shows in lower quality so this was much better than on some sites.
There is one last thing I like to do on all sites and that is to check it out on a phone. You never know when will you want to use this site and you maybe won’t be near a computer. I opened it with a regular browser and most things looked just like on a pc. I knew where to find what so I had nice time using it on a phone also.


It’s easy to navigate on the site. The video quality was usually pretty nice. Most shows had affordable prices.


I’m not sure about the number of online models. The site is a copy of some other site


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