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Date: September 7, 2017

Written by: Robert (Male, 27)


The first impression of the site is quite important when it comes to these sites because if I don’t like something at first, there are really small chances that I will like it later. However, this site has left a pretty nice impression on me because I noticed that models spoke more than 1 language in most cases and the design was pretty nice. It was really easy to navigate on the site and everything you will ever need to use is on the main page. This site has 160 models online when I was there and I counter tens of thousands of registered models.
I noticed that this site has both free and private shows available. Free shows are always important because I wouldn’t like to open a private show first and then find out I don’t like it. It is quite risky to pay for something without knowing what that is. You can actually find pretty nice shows here. I didn’t spend much time while searching for some shows and I knew I found the right one really fast. The best thing about the free show is the chat window that allows you to talk with the model. You can find out anything you want to know and if you don’t like something about the model, you can just skip to the next one without paying anything first. Every model has a profile that is available for everyone. There is some useful information on the display like what they like or not. There are also pictures included for free so you can check model out before even opening the show. While I was in the free show, I noticed that many people asked models to get naked. No one would do that and those kinds of people are the ones who models hate the most.
When it comes to the private show, you need to be careful what you select to open because you will have to pay for it this time. Paying the shows is done with dirty coins. After creating an account, you will have to buy some amount of coins and the store offers multiple packages. The least expensive package costs 10 EUR and it gets you 800 coins. The most expensive one has 4000 coins and it costs 50 EUR. I didn’t want to take any package but the least expensive one because that is the perfect package for testing the site. The price of these shows varies from the show to the next one. However, the average price is around per minute which isn’t too high. Of course, there are shows that cost a lot more, but it doesn’t mean they are much better than other shows. I actually found some cheaper shows that were the best one around.
Searching for shows here is pretty easy because there are multiple features available for just that. The first thing I noticed was a small section with a map of Germany. It didn’t take me long to realize that most models were from there and the good thing is that you can search for models from a region also, not only country. You can select most countries and if you are lucky, maybe yours will be there also. Like on any other site, when there is the advanced search, there is no need for anything else. The advanced search allows you to select multiple tags at the same time and after you finish using the filter, you will have a lot less models on the display. There is also a search box and if you know some model’s name, you can search for her by name. The last thing for this thing is categories. There are lots of categories available and each one shows how many videos, pictures and models are available.
The video quality is pretty important on this site. No one would like to look at the site that isn’t good. I noticed that most of these models have a HD camera, and some of them even have a SD camera. SD is something new for me, but there isn’t that big difference between High Resolution and Super Definition. However, it is pretty nice to see that they are pushing the video quality to the best. Some cameras could even be controlled with a remote control during a live stream and that is quite useful sometimes.
I tried using this site on the phone and I didn’t have any problems with it. Shows loaded pretty fast and what is most important is that they were all fluid, just like on a computer. The video quality was also pretty nice so, I can’t complain about anything.
Besides having amazing live shows, this site also has photo galleries and recorded videos available. The prices of these videos and photos also vary because some videos are longer than other videos and some galleries have more pictures than other galleries. The price can be per video or even more.


Generally, I think that this site is pretty good. Amazing features are available for searching models. The video quality is even better than before. Free shows can help you out to decide if you like something or not. Recorded videos are available. Prices are affordable in most cases.


I didn’t find anything wrong with this site.


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