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Date: July 27, 2017

Written by: George (Male, 33)


It is really hard to find a site that is unique and doesn’t have the same features and looks like any other site. However, this site does have some things that are unique, but the overall look of the site is the same as most of other sites. I like that the design is really simple and using it couldn’t be easier. The first feature I noticed here is that when you put your cursor over a show, a live stream will begin in that small window. Besides that, you get some information about the show while holding your cursor on the show.
The site has more than 5,000 registered models on the site and there are around 200 of them online constantly. I think that searching for a small group of specific models is one of the first things someone does after opening the site and there must be a few features that will make the search much easier. The first thing I noticed about this is that you have categories as the search engine. There are almost 50 categories and next to each one is a number of how many models are online there. I noticed that there is a regular search that lets you type in model’s name and just one model pop up. However, there is no advanced search which kind of bothers me because that engine is the best one for search models. One last thing that can be done is to sort models out by popularity, name, price and many more things.
Models on this site are usually not from America or England, so English is not their main language. This site can be translated into a few languages and models can be also searched by the language they speak. There aren’t just regular shows here, but there are also shows that include some fetishes. Most of these performers are around 25 years old and for me, that is the perfect age for a model.
There are both free and private shows for every model. The free show offers a chat window and you can tip the model in the free show. The background color is black and the show is the only bright thing here. The chat window is too colorful for me. It is kind of distracting while you are trying to focus on the model. Tipping the model can bring you amazing rewards from the model like a little flash of the model can tease you showing some private parts. Usually, free shows don’t have any nudity, so you can just use this type of the show to find out what you are about to see in the private show if you even want to go there.
The private show is saved for only premium members because this show is not free anymore. The site uses credits as a payment method and there are a couple of packages with credits. You can buy 415 credits for or there is a better offer which allows you to buy monthly VIP membership that allows you to do anything for that period. This site has a promotional offer and after each purchase, you get some amount of free credits. The bad thing is that you can’t keep track of your current balance because once you are in the show, the money will just start to disappear with each minute. The price varies, but the average price goes from to per minute.
The video quality is one of the most important things here because if you have the bad video quality, you certainly won’t continue to look at the show. The average video quality is high and the motion is fluid. There are no problems with connection or with lagging in any show.
This site also has recorded videos available to only premium members. The price of a video is not that expensive. Usually, it goes for around 200 credits and the video is unlocked for unlimited time. Every VIP member gets access to all these shows without paying for them again.


The site has lots of hot models online. The video quality is great and the motion is fluid in each show. There are 50 categories, so models are divided perfectly. Recorded videos are giving you something that can’t be seen in live shows. The prices are not too high and there are free credits after each purchase. The VIP membership allows you to use anything for a full month.


There is no advanced search which would make everything easier to search for. The chat is too colorful for me. There is no counter of your current balance, so you can lose your money really easy if you aren’t careful.


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