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Date: June 3, 2017

Written by: George (Male, 21)


When I first entered this site, I noticed one thing that kind of caught my eye. Because in the past, I have ran into the sites that have bright background that hurts my eyes a little, this site is something that was just like I wanted it to be. It had a dark black background that made everything easier to do. Because the site’s name said ‘Awards’, i found that tab first. And I was really happy because I did. There were top 100 models of all times, and they really deserved to be there. Each one of them was smoking hot. I couldn’t decide which one was better. Now let’s get back to the main page. Beside this section, there are few more. Right next to the ‘Awards’ is placed ‘Favorites’. You could find some models that you looked previously or you have selected to be there. The main thing that I want to talk about is the design of the site. Besides the dark background that I have already mentioned, there are few more things that I felt that needed to be said. On the left of the page is a categorization. There were a lot more categories than I have expected. But, that is a good thing. I was able to find some model by any part of her body. You can select hair color, boobs size, from where is she and many more. On the center of the page are a bunch of pictures of models. You can select how you want to arrange them. There can be a lot of them with small pictures, or few of them with bigger pictures. Below every picture is that models age and rating. So you can have some clue what that models is like before even entering the show. Like on many other sites of this kind, there are free and paid shows.
Let’s start with a free show. You don’t expect a lot here because who would reveal their private parts to everyone for free. However, these free shows weren’t just with girls sitting around. This one chick was dancing when I entered the show. But, she didn’t stop at that. She slowly started taking off her dress, but she left her underwear on. I understood that. After few minutes of watching her stripping, I knew that spending some money on private show will be worth.
To even enter a premium show, you have to create a premium account. It really doesn’t take much time. Just put some random information in some sections and put your real information about credit card. After I was done with that, it was time to look at more of that show.
The first thing I think anyone would do is ask a models to strip down, and I did also :D. After that, I have few more wishes that I always wanted to fulfill and all I can say is that left that show happy.
I have almost forgotten about other genders. There are male models and trannies. I’m not into guys and trannies so I won’t talk much about them. However, I have looked to see a little. The guys are hot in my opinion. I guess they will do a little more in free show than the girls, but that is not what I’m into. The last thing is trannies. I really didn’t want to look much at that so here it goes from what I have seen. There are a lot of models of each gender. However, in this section, some of the categories are not filled with models.


A lot of hot models. There is more than just one section. You can decide if you want to look at girls, guys or trannies. Little more categories than i have expected, and that is the good thing. Dark background color that makes everything easier to search for. You can also see top 100 models on this site.


Some of the categories are not filled. Prices are a little high in my opinion.


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