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Date: November 21, 2017

Written by: Steve (Male, 24)


If someone says that first impressions don’t matter, that person is lying. I know that if I see a site that doesn’t look appealing, I probably won’t stay on it long. Luckily, that wasn’t the case here and I am glad that I continued to use this site. At the beginning, I didn’t think that this site was something special because it looked like many other sites. However, it turned out to be a pretty nice site after all.
There were enough models online while I was on the site. Around 600 of them were online and that was more than enough to find just one model to have fun with. Most of those models were girls. There were 150 guys online and only 50 trannies. That is not strange at all because on most sites, you have a lot more girls than other models.
Choosing one models from a big pile of them is not easy thing to do. It can be done by just scrolling through the main page or, you can use one of given features. The first thing everyone notices is categories. These categories have sub-categories that make everything much easier. You can select the type of the show, age of a model and many other things. This is all done separately because the advanced search is not available on this site. That is a shame because that feature is useful in all cases. Models can also be selected based on a region they are from or even by languages that they speak.
Like I said in the title, there are a few more show types than I am used to but let’s start with free ones. There are actually two types of free shows. In one case, you can tip a model, and in other, you can go straight to the private show. The thing that must be done before opening any show is creating an account.
If you don’t have an account, you can enter a show, but it will all be blurry. Creating an account is free and it takes only a couple of seconds. The best things about free shows that include tipping is that you can enjoy a show for free because there will always be other users who will tip the model. If you don’t have anything against that, then you will enjoy the show because of other people’s generosity. However, that means you can’t ask for anything and that kind of sucks. With just one tip, you can get at least one wish fulfilled.
If you decide to look at regular free shows, you don’t need an account to enter the show. However, there is a downside of that also. You are listed as a guest and everyone ignores guests. The good thing about that is that you can see a show clearly and it won’t be blurry. In these shows, you don’t get to see much. Models are usually in some tight underwear and they won’t get naked.
Before opening any free show, you can see how old a model is and if that model is currently available.
Once you decide to go to the private show, you need to have some money on your account. The smallest package with tokens is perfect for the beginning. The price of a private show varies from the show to the next one, but you can find most shows for around per minute. Those shows are pretty good and they are worth your money. Not all private shows are the same, which is kind of expected. Some models will do a lot more than others. That is why you should find out something about a show before paying for it.
New things about this site are two types of shows. They are named Buzzmode and Connexion. In both cases, you get to tip the model and in return, you get a small reward. Basically, there is a vibrator in models’ pants and with every tip, that vibrator starts to work for a specified period. If the tip is bigger, the vibrator will work longer and in much greater speed. Some of these shows can be seen without an account, but you can do anything without an account. You can take models to a private show in these types of shows also.
The video quality here is pretty nice. All shows I opened had an HD camera and everything was in fluid motion. None shows had problems with the internet connection or with lagging. Some cameras were even controlled with a remote. There aren’t many shows like that and they are pretty nice to watch.
I was surprised that this site worked on a phone. And it worked without any problems. It looked pretty much the same like on a pc and that made it much easier to use it. I just didn’t get used to a smaller area than on a pc.


Many models are online. Easy to navigate on the site. The video quality is in HD. The site works on a phone.


There is no advanced search.


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