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Date: October 26, 2017

Written by: Mike (Male, 24)


There is one thing I constantly do when I open a new live cam site and that is check out how many models are there. I checked at different hours and I found out that there were 400 to around 650 models online. Much more models are registered on the site, but you won’t see anything near that number. After I saw that, I wanted to see what this site is all about. You can see that the design didn’t change much over a few years and that is annoying a bit. There are some issues with navigating on the site that need to be fixed. The color mix on the main page is pretty nice and it is pleasant to look at it. When you click on some category or change a page to open some show you will get redirected back to the main page after you exit the show. If you got to 100th page, you will be back at page one and you have to do all that again.
This site has quite enough ways to find a model on this site. The first thing everyone noticed is categories. There are more than 40 categories on this site and each one shows you how many models are in that category. Some models can be found in more than just one category so don’t think that there are much more models on the site because of those numbers. Models can be sorted out by their age, appearance and much more things. Sadly, there is no advanced search and that kind of sucks. This site has quite enough models and when you have to choose from 150 models, it isn’t easy to find some model. The last thing here is to type in some model’s name to find only that one model.
I can see that there are both free and private shows. Some models have both and some of them don’t. When it comes to opening a free show, you can either select a show that has private show later, or you can select some show that includes tipping. Models will reward all their fans when they get tipped and those rewards can be quite pleasant. Once you are in a free show, if you get lucky, you can see a model do all kinds of things because other users are tipping her. If you don’t have anything against just looking at a model for free, you will have some fun. On the other hand, if you start tipping the model yourself, you will get to see something you actually like.
There are two types of new shows on this site named connexion and buzzmode. Both of these shows mean that models have a vibrator in their cunts and when you start tipping them, that vibrator starts to work for a limited time. You can select the durance of that vibrator and the speed. When the tip is bigger, the vibrator will work longer.
If you select a private show, you can see all kinds of things that you can and can’t imagine. It depends which model you select, but most of them will do more than just get naked. Some models will fulfill all your wishes and yet, some of them will do only what they want. The price of a private show can be as cheap as per minute, but some shows can go up to more than per minute. I don’t know the average price here because they vary really much.
Every model has a profile that can be seen by everyone. You can see what they models wants to do and what she won’t do in any case. If that isn’t enough for you, you can ask her some questing with the chat window in the free show. If you don’t like something, you can simply move to some other model.
Many models offer cam2cam feature so shows can get more interesting. In this case, you allow the site to start your camera also so models can also see you. In this case, models usually get relaxed and they agree to much more thing than you can think.
I think that the video quality is pretty ok here. Some shows have HD camera and some of them don’t. The average video quality is somewhere around medium to high which is acceptable. The most important thing is that all shows run in fluid motion so I didn’t have problems with lagging at all.
I was curious so I tested this site on a phone. Actually, it worked pretty nice on my iPhone, but I heard that it works pretty ok on Android also. Shows load pretty fast and every feature is available just like on a PC.


Many models are online. Prices are usually affordable. The site works on a phone.


The advanced search is missing. Navigating on the site is a little tricky.


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