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Date: August 31, 2017

Written by: Horn (Male, 22)


The design of the site is pretty amazing here and everything you need is right there on the main page. I counted around 20 models online and that isn’t too good here. There are much more registered models here and I don’t know why there is only this many models online. Multiple features are available on this site and all those features can help you put in many different ways. It is nice to see that this site has all genders included, but only girls were online at the time I was there. The site updated its design recently and now, it is much easier to use this site than before.
When you start searching for models, you don’t have many options for that. The first one I noticed was categories, but there are only around 10 categories. However, when you have only this many models online, you don’t even need to search for some specific model. Searching for some model can be done by her screen name, but like I said before, there is no need for any of this. There is no advanced search on this site and if there were more models, it would be much harder to find some model.
The private show here is the cheapest one around. All models here are charging .99 per minute and I haven’t seen this on any other site before. When you see that all models have this price, you need to ask yourself why that is. You need to put some money on your account before paying for shows and that can be done with multiple online payment methods. Not all shows are the same. Some models will take off the clothes only and some of them will do all kinds of nasty things.
The video quality here is pretty good. I have seen better, but I’m not saying that this site has bad quality. The biggest issue here is the movement. Most shows had not so fluid movement and that is quite annoying because the show can start lagging in the most important models.
The previous version of this site was really outdated and I didn’t want to spend much time on the side previously. However, now, you can actually enjoy staying on the site because everything looks more modern.
Free shows are the best thing around this site. You can open any show for free and you can find everything you want to know. Every model has a profile so you can read all kinds of information there so you know what is going to be in the show you open. You can also use the free chat window in the free show. Models usually focus on responding got every text so don’t waste your time and ask her all useful things.
Using this site is available on the phone also, but the site is still not so good on the phone. The video quality didn’t change and shows were still lagging at the time I tried them. It is also hard to use this site on the phone because you have a small screen and you can easily miss click something. However, both Android and iPhone support this site.


The only good thing about this site is cheap prices.


There is no advanced search on this site. No more than 20 models are online. Sometimes I get blocked for no reason. Shows were not fluid and they were lagging hard. Many categories are available, but only one of them has models constantly. Pretty much, this site is a big pile of crap.


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