Strip Hilo - Site with an amazing card game


Date: September 4, 2017

Written by: Dragan (Male, 43)


If you ever liked playing games with cards, you will most likely like this amazing game. Basically, the site has a lot of models on the site and you can select with which one you want to play the game. Every time you win a round of this game, the model will take off one part of her clothes. The game has 4 or 5 rounds and the goal of this game is to get the model naked and if you are lucky, you will see more than just a strap show. There are around 150 to 250 models online, it just depends at which part of the day you come online. However, there are more than 25000 register models here and there should be a lot more models online in my opinion.
There are no free shows on this site. I was quite disappointed when I found this out, but there is a demo show available for everyone. You can play a couple of round with some models and you can find out what this site is all about. However, if you want to start the real game, you have to create an account and put some money on it immediately.
The price of a private show doesn’t vary that much. The average price is around per minute and some shows can go for or per minute. All these prices are not too high, but the problem is that the game just goes too slow. You will have to spend more than if you want to look at a pretty nice show. Now, the worst part of this paying system is that when you run out of the money, you won’t be just disconnected from the show. The show will continue and the bill will rise on your credit card without any notice. There is also no counter that shows you your current balance so you have to be extra careful.
Finding models is pretty easy here. The first thing you notice on the main page are categories. There are just a couple of categories available and they can narrow the search a little bit. However, the best feature I found is the advanced search. You can select multiple tags at the same time and after you are done, you will have a lot less models on the display. Same like that, you can also search for some specific model by her screen name.
The video quality is pretty nice and you can see almost every detail in most shows. Some cameras have a better video quality that others, but the average quality is pretty nice. Shows are fluid and you can connect to the shows pretty fast.


Enough models are online. Amazing search options are available. There isn’t a site like this on the internet. The video quality is pretty nice. The average price isn’t too high.


One you are in the private show, you can’t keep track of your current balance. After you run out of money on the account, you will be charged directly on the credit card without any notice.


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