Camquery - Site with a lot of models from other sites


Date: June 26, 2017

Written by: Ben (Male, 18)


Going over this site, I noticed that most of this site was really familiar. I wondered why but I figured out that this site was a clone of some other site. And I am pretty sure that this site is a clone not that other one. I mean pretty much, everything here is good, but come on, some originality would be much better. I like that they have a lot of features on visible places so I didn’t have to look for them. There are a lot of shows, models, videos, photos, categories and many more things that every site should have.
Let’s start with categories because they are one of the most important things on these kinds of sites. Before even looking at them, I knew which categories will be there because I saw this all on LiveJasmin. But still, you can select model’s age, hair color, boobs size and many more. And not all that separately but you can do that all at once. This is actually a filter, not categories, although some of mentioned things are categories.
They really have thought of pointing out their best models on top of the page. That’s nice of them because I looked at some of those models and they were really worth being seen. One more cool thing about models is that if you like one of these models, you can always select her to by in your Favorites tab.
One of the good things I saw here was that you have all kinds of offers to buy credits for show. When I saw ‘Get free credits’, I immediately thought that I could get some free credits and look at good shows for some time, but that’s not it. There are actually offers, and with each one of these offers, you get few free credits. I look at these offers and they are expensive for my taste. Like really, you have to pay more than 1$ for 1 credit. And you will have to spend a lot more than that to see a good show.
I picked one girl because of her boobs size, don’t judge me, and I was hoping to see all kinds of things. I didn’t get disappointed because she was wearing some see-through clothes and that made me interested immediately. There is a chat section, it would be stupid if it weren’t there and that was the moment when I needed to decide if I want to see more of this show or go to the next one. Even though the first impressions of this site weren’t good, I gave it a chance.
You can even find in the show those offers for ‘’free’’ credits and because I decided to go to the private show, I thought why not? Of course, I didn’t want to take the biggest package because it was more than 160$ so I took that small one that would get me about 10 minutes into private show.
Video quality in both free and private show is without any doubts one of a kind. There is noting that you can’t see clearly. I think that is one of the requirements to even be on this site.
Every model has limits when it comes to private show. You can’t ask her to do everything. I had luck so she did pretty much everything I wanted her to do. Maybe that was because I am not some kinky dude that wants her to fist herself. I couldn’t believe how fast my credits were gone and that was pretty much of it on this site for me.
Maybe somebody had some use of this feature but I don’t know. There is some basic information in every show about that exact model. One thing I found useful there is which languages she speaks.
For other gender, there is also a section with guys and even trannies. I didn’t go there so I won’t say anything about those sections. But I expect it to be the same quality as these ones, but I know that there are less guys and trannies than girls.


Lots of models on this site. Video quality is really good. There was no struggling with finding out what was what. You can find any model with a lot of filters here.


Let's say that this site is a copy of some other site. Even though it has a lot of hot models, they are from other site so they are not from this site originally. There is no originality on this site and that is a bad thing.


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