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Date: October 4, 2017

Written by: Ben (Male, 23)


The design of this site is not like many other sites and that is something that is hard to see these days. Most sites look almost the same, but this site is unique on its own ways. Before you decide to browse this site, you can select in which mode you will do that. Three different views are available and I prefer the Gallery mode. Some modes offer you more information about a model and some of them offer you nothing. It is clearly stated below a show if that show is free or not. This site counts more than 800 online models at most hours and sometimes even more. If I saw right, this site has tens of thousands of registered models which is quite a large number.
When it comes to searching shows, you have just a couple of features that are pretty useful. The first thing you probably want to select is which models you want to look at. There are girls, guys, transsexuals, gays, lesbians and many more. Like on any other site, the girls are dominant. And now, when you want to find some specific show, you can use the advanced search for free. This feature allows you to select multiple tags and you will probably get a pretty nice result when you finish with the filter. The last thing possible to do on this site is to find just one model by her screen name. Sadly, I didn’t find the favorites section so you probably can’t put any models in there.
Not all models offer a free show, but most of them do. It is stated below the show if the show is free or not. When you open a free show, you only have a live stream and the chat window. The best use of this feature is to talk with the model about anything you want, but I immediately started asking all about the private show. If you spent some time on this kind of sites, then you probably know that there will be no nudity or something like that in the free show. However, most users forget that and most messages in the free show sound like ‘show tits’, ‘ show ass’ and much more like that. Don’t be like them, it is to annoying.
Now, when you decided to open a private show, you can select if you want a regular show or you want a vibrator show. These two shows have a big difference in price and the quality of the show. You can find regular shows where model just talk about something you want. They won’t get naked or something like that. I am not a fan of that and I wouldn’t like to spend money on something like that. However, most models are ready to fulfill all your wishes and that is pretty amazing. The price can vary from to per minute, but most models charge around per minute. There are not so many expensive shows, but they aren’t special. Actually, I found some cheaper shows that were even better than those expensive ones. The best thing in these private shows is that every show has 20 free seconds on the beginning of the show. If you don’t like it, you can just exit. There is a counter that shows you how much time you spent in there so you won’t lose track of time.
Besides live shows, this site offers recorded videos. Some videos are free and the rest is not. The price of these videos can go from 1 credit to 10 or more credits per video. These videos are usually around 5 minutes, but you can find some longer videos. Now I am not sure if these videos stay available permanently after you buy them or they disappear after 1 day. I didn’t try this out so I won’t talk about it.
The video quality improved over time. Most models now have a pretty nice video quality and every show was in fluid motion. This site has both professional and amateur models. It is pretty easy to see the difference between those models because professional models stream from a studio. Some cameras could even be controlled with a remote control which is kind of amazing.
If you want a quick go at this site and you are not at your PC, you can use this site on a phone. You will be limited to some features, but generally, this site is pretty ok. It was just a harder to not miss click something because you have smaller screen than on a PC.


The video quality is good. Most shows have affordable prices. Models are polite. Free shows are available in most cases. Private shows have first 20 seconds for free.


Some shows are too expensive.


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