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Date: June 12, 2017

Written by: Leonel (Male, 30)


At the moment of opening the site, I have wished that I knew about this site earlier. It just makes you feel happy when you see at how good the design any everything about it is. In last few months, I have started noticing one thing first when I open any site. I have bad eye sight and because I don’t want to hurt my eyes more, I look out for the background color. That is something that decides if my stay on the site will be pleasant or it won’t be. This site has left good impression on me because it has dark black background that made everything easier to be looked at. Even though that all these models are next to each other without any blank space, you can easily find what you are looking for.
So let’s start with main page of the site. On the center of the page is what everyone can for. There are bunch of models. You can see their profile pictures and names, but that is not all. If you hover your mouse over their picture, some video will start to play just so you can see what their shows are all about.
To start the search for one model, or more, you have to make things easier. You can either sort them by one of their attributes or you can use categories. Let’s begin with sortation. Like on many other sites, you can decide if you want to look at amateur models or the ones that have spent some time on the site. There are more types of shows and you can select if you prefer some and just look at those ones. Not only that but you can also select which language girls speak and look at those ones. So, basically, creators of this site have thought about a lot of things just to please their visitors.
Next thing is categorization. As I have expected, there are categories that are on almost every porn site. And that is a good thing because you need to have something that everyone knows what it is. I did notice some categories that aren’t seen on many sites and those ones are for those who are looking for weird and kinky stuff. Dedicated just to those acts, there is a section named ‘Fetish’. You can find all of the fetishes that this site has and look at any one of them.
Time for the show itself. I have selected one hot busty babe and I wasn’t disappointed. The first thing I have seen when I opened the show was her big tits. I find this one thing amazing and that is a small section below her live stream that says what she is willing to do in free show. I haven’t seen that before really. Next to the live show is a chat section that lets you talk with her. Of course, she will do anything she can to make you take her to the private show. That is where all the fun is hidden. To go there, you will have to create a premium account. It is an easy thing to do and after doing that, you are ready for everything that this site has.
Private show is something else. You don’t know what to expect and you just get surprised. I got lucky and I have got more than enough. There were almost no limits in the private show. Leaving it made me feel sad because I wanted to see more but I knew that I need to stop at some point.
Prices aren’t really high. Maybe they are for someone, but to me, they aren’t really expensive.
This site is not all about live shows. There are also prerecorded videos. Same goes here, you have categories for videos and you can also look at models here. You can select one model and just look at her previous videos. There are models that are suggested for you and I can say that they aren’t mistaken. Every model here is smoking hot and I think that nobody would refuse her no matter what.


Dark background color that makes stay on the site really pleasant. There are a lot of models and each and every one of them is smoking hot. There aren't just live shows, you can find prerecorded videos of every model. Sort models on the way you like. You can even select the language they speak.


I was mind blowing with everything that this site has to offer so i couldn't find any bad thing about this site.


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