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Date: August 3, 2017

Written by: Fedor (Male, 33)


After just a few seconds of looking at this site, I immediately knew that this site was something I was looking for some time. There aren’t many people like me, that like Asian model the most. It wasn’t easy to find this site, but now, I couldn’t be happier. There are guys, girls, and even trannies. I am interested in only girls, so I won’t talk about other two sections. This site has more than 7000 registered models and around 400 of them are online. However, there are only 100 guys and 50 girls online. The rest are girls and I wasn’t surprised when I saw that.
Like anywhere else, you have free shows available before opening a private one. These free shows have features like the chat window and model’s profile so you can find out what is expecting you in the private show. The best thing about the free show is that you can find out everything you want without spending a cent. However, you should keep in mind that there is no nudity in the free show. The only thing you can see in some shows is a little tease. Everyone can use the chat window, even users without a profile, but models focus on users who have an account.
Searching for the show can be done in a couple ways on this site. The first and the best one, in my opinion, is the advanced search. You can select 6 tags including ethnicity, hair color, age, category and much more. The search is always narrowed to no more than 20 models and you can find the perfect model much easier then. There is one other way of doing all this and that is by using only categories. There are around 30 categories and you can find a bigger group of specific girls if you want with this option. Sorting models out is also available by their rating, popularity or name.
You can buy credits from the store if you want to get in the private show. There are a couple of packages available and the price of 1 credit is little more than 1 EUR. The least expensive package is 21 EUR and you get 18 credits in that package. However, if you want to buy bigger packages, you will receive a bonus amount of credits for free. I wouldn’t recommend buying the biggest package at first because you maybe won’t have a chance to spend all those credits.
The price of a private show varies from the show to the next one. Some models are charging .98 per minute and some are charging .98 per minute. However, most models are charging .98 per minute and that is the average price here. The price doesn’t determine the quality of the show. Some cheap shows can be much better than those expensive ones. The best thing about this is that you can keep track of your current balance while being in the private show.
The video quality was good in every show I opened. I rarely saw that all shows I opened were good, but most of these models are streaming from the studio, so they must be professionals. I kind of prefer amateur models, and luckily, there are some. The most important thing is that the motion was fluid in every show and I didn’t have any problem with the internet connection.
One last type of the show is the VIP show. This show is not available with every model and they can be found at specific times. This show is available when some model wants to raise a bigger amount of money for a short period of time. Every user who donated money will be able to enter the show once it starts. This show is much better than those two shows because much more money is spent on this one.
The site works perfectly on my Android phone. I had no problems with connecting to the show and the video quality was awesome. I was impressed when I saw that the site works the same as on the PC.


This site has many useful features that just make your stay much better. Cheap prices in most cases and the shows are amazing. Models are doing their best to provide you with an amazing show. Models aren’t rude and they are teasing you all the time to lure you into the private show.


Nothing is bad on this site.


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