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Date: July 21, 2017

Written by: Gonar (Male, 18)


When I first saw this site, I thought it was some pop up site or a scam because it was in my native language. It took some time to realize I was in the right place, but the site could be translated into 30 different languages. The design of the site is really simple and I had no problems while using it. One of the good things here is that it is mobile friendly. The site works perfectly on any mobile phone, but there are problems with connection. I don’t know how many performers are registered on the site, but when I was there, there were 500 models online. That is a lot more than on most sites. Most of these models are from Eastern Europe and they are not native English speakers, but they do know enough of English to communicate with everyone. When it comes to the shows, the video quality is one of the most important things. The video quality here is in most cases of medium quality, but there are some shows that have HD camera. Around 20% of models have an HD camera which is not nearly enough for this year.
After looking at this site for a few times, I noticed that there are some improvements made here. The first thing that is hard to miss are tabs on top of the page that select if you want girls, guys, couples, trannies or to look at models in the spy mode. Spy mode is actually a private show that you can watch for free, but it is blurry. You can only see a blurry show and then decided if you like it or not. Narrowing models down to a small number of them is also available with the advanced search engine. You can check off exactly what you want to look at and that’s it.
Free shows are available for every user even without having an account. Chatting is the same like on most other sites. You have a chat window that allows you to send texts and emoticons. The chat can be a little distracting because it is really shiny. Same goes for model’s profile. You have useful information there, but it is also shiny and you have a hard time looking at something without being distracted by unimportant things.
The prices of private shows can always change, but private shows her are really expensive. They are paid with tokens and based on the price of tokens, models charge .50 per minute. And that is just of the group private show. If you want to look at one on one private show, you will need to pay more than that. 7 packages with tokens are available and there is a discount on every package except for the least expensive one. 740 tokens are available for 75 EUR, so the price of 10 tokens is around 1 EUR in most cases.
Like said before, the camera quality needs lots of improvement. After all these years, every model should have an HD camera or at least a decent one. The quality is not that important as the fluidity of the picture. Some shows have lagged during the best parts and that just kills the fun immediately. Because most of the performers are from Eastern Europe, the connection there is not so good as in other parts of the world so I kind of get why there are these problems.
If you think the quality of shows is bad on the PC, you need to try it on the phone. The connection sucks here and the picture is awful. All in all, you have a low-quality show that is still lagging. It definitely needs improvement.


The good thing here is that you have lots of models online and they are divided into a few sections. The advanced search and categories make it easier to find the model you are looking for. Simple design makes this site easy to use. Free shows and spy mode are letting you take a peek in the show before even spending some money.


I know why I thought this site was some pop up actually. It sucks generally. The chat window is too shinnying. There are too many emoticons and they constantly distract you from the main thing. The video quality is not so good and it needs improvement. The site works on the phone, but it is pretty awful.


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