MyCams - Site can’t get better than this


Date: July 12, 2017

Written by: Ikar (Male, 22)


After visiting this site fourth time, I finally wanted to talk about why this site is really good. I don’t usually do this, but when something is really good, you just want to recommend it to others. The first thing that you can notice here is that everything is pointed out. The background is dark and everything else is brighter so you just can’t miss it. After the first look on the site, you can see that shows, categories, search engine, and account information are on the main page and that is all you need here. If I am right, then this site had about 400 performers online at the time I was there. You have lots more of them registered on the site, but there are rare chances when you get to see more than 500 of them online.
It is always important to know what you are getting into so free shows are really useful here. They are really free and they don’t require an account to enter then. There is also no time limit there so you can spend how much time you want in here. I was pretty amazed when I saw the first free show. Maybe I got lucky, maybe I didn’t, but this one chick was wearing a tight short dress that was revealing more than it was covering. That told me enough to know that these shows were really worth it. Besides that, I started looking at few more features here and I found out that pictures of every performer are available for free. Not just that, but you can also take a screen shot of anything in the show if you like it. Those better shows are private shows and they cost some money.
Creating an account takes just a few second and the only thing left to do is buy some credits. There are 5 different packages with credits and the price of 1 credit is about . The least expensive package costs and the most expensive one is 0. However, this site has some promotional offers, so you get free credits on top of the bought amount. It was a little much for me to buy that many credits, so I took the smallest amount just to have few minutes of fun. The price of private shows can vary from the show to the next one. I have seen that there are some shows that cost around and there are some shows that cost even for 1 minute. There is one bad thing when it comes to this and that is that you don’t have a timer or counter that shows you how much credits you have left. If you don’t pay attention to this, you can lose all your money really fast.
There are few different models here and some of them are just comfortable with nudity and some of them are ready to play with some toys. Second models charge more for private shows which are logical. It is pretty usual that not all fans like the same show and that is the reason why you have categories and search engine here. There are more than 30 categories here and they can really narrow the search, but there is still many of models there. One better feature is the advanced search engine. You can select up to 6 different tags at the same time and they will really narrow the search to just a few performers.
You are not always at home and in most cases, you want to look at this site. This site is not limited to just PC because of that reason. You can open this site on any other device and it will work exactly the same like on the computer.
This site doesn’t have just girls. There are guys and trannies also, but there is a lot less of them than the girls. However, the video quality in each of these shows is the same and it is in high definition.


Everything you actually need is in the visible place. Searching for models can’t get better than this because the advanced search engine lets me use up to 6 different tags at the same time. More than 400 models were online and there were many different shows available at all times. Voting for the best models is available in one special section. The most important thing here is that you have free shows so you can see what you are getting into.


After spending few hours on this site, I really didn’t find anything wrong with it.


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