AliceX - Renewed site that is much better now


Date: January 16, 2018

Written by: Turi (Male, 25)


I remember when I heard about this site for the first time like it was yesterday. That site was much different than any other site on the internet. It worked pretty well, but it had some issues that bothered me always. Everything was good except one thing. There were only one or two models online in most cases. Sometimes, there were none models online. I asked myself how that site stayed online for that long, but then it shut down.
The site didn’t work for a month or so and now it works again. However, everything changed on the site. The previous version of the site was about virtual reality, but it’s not anymore. Now, it’s just like any other site. There are regular shows and many models are online. If you were bothered with the number of online models like me, you won’t have that problem anymore. There are more than 1000 models online now and you will find at least one show that is worth watching.
I noticed that the current site is pretty similar to some other site. Maybe even to more than one site. However, I don’t care about that actually because it looks good and it has good shows. I came here for good shows and that is exactly what I found.
You probably won’t just select show randomly here. Even if you do, you probably won’t pay for anything right away. I wanted to see what these shows offer so I opened a couple free shows for starters. Almost every model has free show so you don’t need to pay for anything before testing it out.
Opening a show randomly is pretty stupid because you can do something much better. There are some features that are free and can narrow the search down to fewer models. The best feature I used so far was the advanced search because it narrowed the search the most. Besides that, I could also use categories. However, that seemed useless after using the best feature on the site. After you use any of these features, you can narrow the search down a bit more. You can select which language does a model speak and from where she is.
When I got in one free show, I had what to see. Maybe I got lucky at the beginning or not, but I saw a pretty hot girl in her underwear right away. I saw that she was ready to do something nasty in her show, but she needed to be persuaded. Other users started tipping her which made things much easier for me. The good thing about group shows is that you can relax in the show and enjoy it while others spend their money. You won’t get in a situation like this always, but it’s nice to see that once in a while.
There were boundaries in free shows so I didn’t see much in there. If anyone wants to see more than that, you need to go to a private show. That is exactly what I did because I didn’t want to waste more time. Prices were different in some cases. I checked out only prices for around 5 shows and the prices were from per minute to per minute. That is not so bad when you compare it to shows that can cost up to per minute. I don’t know what you get to see in those shows because it seems like you are getting ripped off in there.
Some models wanted to do more things in their shows than other models. That was expected and it didn’t surprise me at all. The best show I saw was the one where a model used a dildo during the whole show. There aren’t many models who would do that. You can find out if she will do it just by asking her or by going to her profile.
The video quality was very good in these shows. Some shows had medium quality, but the rest of them were in HD. on top of that, I didn’t see one show that had problems with lagging. I could enjoy a show without being interrupted or disturbed with anything.
There is one more type of a show here. It’s called gold show and I saw it on other sites also. I didn’t spend much time in there because it’s a bit expensive. However, it can really be worth your money. Models will do something in there that you can’t see in private shows.
This site worked on a phone also. I checked it out on my iPhone and I have nothing to complain about.


Many models are online now. The site was renewed and it is much better than before. It’s very easy to find some specific type of a show. Prices are usually reasonable. The video quality is mostly in HD.


The site is pretty much the same like some other sites.


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