Streamate - Really good site with hot models


Date: June 14, 2017

Written by: Mike (Male, 21)


Yes, finally. There is a site that is what I was looking for. In the past time, all the sites I have visited were not what I like. There was this bright background color that made it impossible for me to look at models. However, this site is exactly opposite of that. There is his black background color, but it is not to dark, it is just perfect. Besides that, a lot of other things are just on the perfect place. Helpful stuff is on the top of the page and on the center of the page is what everyone came for, and that are girls. So let’s begin talking about all this separately.
First, let’s start with sorting models. There are actually few ways to do that. First, that can be done by choosing their hair color, skin color, age and many more things. Second one is to use categories. There are not a lot of categories but there is enough to satisfy everyone. Now, a little bad thing about these two things is that this option is kind of hidden. Usually, you find this sortation above the models, but this time, it was in a small box that wasn’t labeled. I have seen this somewhere before so I knew where to look for this, but still, someone will not find it. Same goes for categories. There are on the same place as sortation. Categories should be usually on the side of the page or somewhere that can’t be missed. One more tool that can be used to find content is search box. Just type in what you want to look at and every model that has that included will pop up.
Now that we are over these things, let’s talk about the most important thing and that is the very show. It is really easy to enter a show even if you don’t have an account. Just click on some model and the show will start. Now when you enter the show, there are few things that can be useful. If you want to know something about the model before looking at her show, you can scroll down a little bit and see some basic information about her. Besides that, you have the live stream and the chat. Chat can come in handy if you want to talk with the model and see what she is willing to do in free and show and what is kept for private show. There are few options on the live stream window. I didn’t notice them first, but later I did. You can take a screenshot of a model or you can take a look at her photo gallery. I want to say that the quality of these shows is really good. Everything is seen in good quality and these models are doing their best to take you to the private show. Free show is just there so you can see what that model does and if you like it, you take her to the private show. To start the private show, you need to create a premium account first. It takes like 2 minutes to do that and after that, you can look at everything on the site, as long as you donate some money. Most of the girls here were smoking hot. There were showing a lot more in free show that I have expected, but that was the good thing. That was one of the reasons why I decided to look at private one. That is something that no everyone gets to look at. The boundaries change in private show. You can see a lot more things that you actually expect.
Enough with girls section, there are also boys and trannies. I won’t talk about that very long, but I felt that I couldn’t leave that just like that. The design is same as before but there is just one difference. There are a lot less guys and trannies than the girls. That is expected, but still, it is worth mentioning it.


This site has perfect background color because it makes it really pleasant to browse through the content. There are a lot of hot models that do a lot more than expected in free show. Prices are cheap in my opinion. At least they are much lower than I am used to.


Even though i really liked this site, there are few things that needed to be said. Categorization is kind of hidden. It is on top of the page, but it is not labeled. Someone that doesn't know for that couldn't find it really easy.


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