- Real models are streaming on this site


Date: January 10, 2018

Written by: Teddy (Male, 24)


When I say real models, I meant to say that all models are currently streaming. There are no prerecorded shows that are just going on and on. That is actually the point of live cam sites, right?
You can find great things on this site if you have some time. Everything here is red. I noticed that the design changed a bit so it is not like any other site now, I think. It looks a bit modern now and I like that a lot. The main page had only useful thing there. There were no ads or something like that to distract you from what you are doing.
This wasn’t the first time I was on the site so I knew something more about it when I used it the last time. Last time I was here, there were around 700 online models. I see that the number of them didn’t change even after few months. There were enough models online so I select one show that seemed worth watching pretty fast.
I didn’t want to open a show randomly, so I stated narrowing the search down a bit. I could use categories at the beginning, but I already knew about something much better. Although there were around 30 or more categories, that just didn’t do the job good enough. I was left with lots of models even after opening just one category. The filter did much better job here. I don’t know if someone new to this site would find the filter because it seems like it is hidden. It has the button with 3 lines and that is it. I would’ve never guessed it if I was here for the first time. However, when I opened it, I could select 10 things at once I think. That really did a great job because I saw more models I liked right from the top of the page. I could also sort models out even after using the filter to look at top rated models first.
I didn’t like that the online models were next to offline ones so you see more models at once, but not all of them are online. That should definitely change.
Before opening a show, you can see what happens in that show currently if you hold your cursor on the show. That is a good way to see if a model is like in her pictures or not. Once you are in there, you don’t have many things to do really. I could only chat with the model. That really didn’t have much use to me so I just looked for minute to see what she does in there. Most models were just sitting on the bad and they would only tell you what they will do in private shows. I guess you kind of risk going to those shows when you don’t know if a model is capable of doing something she said she will do.
The good thing here is that most shows are not expensive at all. From what I saw, most shows cost around per minute which is not high at all. You can have great time in a show for less than really. Not many sites offer you that kind of experience. Of course, there are also expensive shows, but I didn’t even bother looking at them even once. There is a reason of course for that. I had such great time in those cheaper shows every time that I didn’t have to go to any expensive show.
You need credits to open any show and the store has quite enough for you. There are 5 packages with credits and you can buy those which are affordable or those expensive ones. I would suggest you to start with cheaper ones if you are not so sure about shows and everything here. The cheapest one costs 21 EUR and you get 18 credits for it. I started with that one and I had enough credits to see some action in private shows. Even if you don’t like that site, you didn’t spend much money so you won’t regret it. The good thing about other packages is that you get bonus credits after the purchase. You can get up to 10 free credits if you but the most expensive package for 161 EUR. It sounds expensive, but you get 158 credits and that is enough for an hour of private shows if not even more.
I see that there are new types of shows on the site now. I saw VIP shows earlier so that is nothing new. I am more interested in VibraToy shows and Two-way Audio shows. VIP shows were available with a couple models and you got to see pretty much the same thing like in private shows. That seemed like a waste of money for me.
VibraToy shows are quite fun to watch. Basically, a model has a vibrator in her pants and when she gets money, that vibrator starts to work. It’s quite awesome to look a model how she moans while you do nothing but just give her money.
Two-way Audio shows allow you to talk with a model while you look at each other. There shows are only one on one so you will be completely alone with a model for how much time you want.
The video quality here was great. Everything was in HD and it was in fluid motion. Some cameras were even remote controlled and that made my stay on the site much better.
The site also worked on a phone. I didn’t really use it much. I just saw that it opens quickly and that it is pretty much like on a pc.


Many models are always online. The video quality is only in HD. Many types of shows are available. Most shows have affordable prices. It’s really easy to navigate on the site.


Nothing is bad here.


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