- Pretty nice site with lots of useful features


Date: September 14, 2017

Written by: Mark (Male, 18)


I noticed that this site had a lot of new things that I haven’t seen before. Those things were actually types of shows. Besides having free and private shows, this site has now Buzzmode, Connexion and free shows with a tip. I haven’t had a chance to test them out, but after seeing them, I couldn’t resist. This site had 400 female models online, 100 male and 20 transsexual models at the time I was there. Those are all pretty nice numbers. There are tens of thousands of registered models on this site and when I learned that, I was kind of disappointed that there weren’t more models online. The main page has all useful things like categories, shows and log in info. It was pretty easy to navigate on this site because everything was just one click away.
When it comes to searching some model, I always like to have multiple options for that. Luckily, this site really does have a few options for that, but I didn’t find the advanced search. That feature would make everything much better and easier. You can find categories on the side of the page. There were more than 20 categories available and each one of them shows how many models are in there. Those are not just some simple categories. You can select model’s age, hair color, height and pretty much anything that you usually find in the filter. However, this time, you have to select all these things separately. You can also search for some model by her screen name. After typing it in, only that model will appear. Models can also be searched by their language or the region they are from.
It is pretty nice to know that free shows are available. You can test some show for free before deciding if you want to pay for a better version of that show. The best thing about the free show is the chat window. Everyone can use it for free, even those users without an account. I used this feature and asked the model almost everything I couldn’t think off. This is the best way to find something out about the private show and if you don’t like something, you can simply move to the next show without paying anything previously. There will be no nudity in the free show. At least I didn’t see anything in many shows I opened. It is pretty important to know that you should be polite to models. No one likes rude fans and you will probably get blocked if you are rude. Also, if you behave nice, you will probably get your wishes fulfilled. You should create an account right away because it is free and because you will get ignored if you are listed as a quest. When you open a free show with tips, you will get to see much more than just in the free show. This type of the show usually has some nudity. When you tip the model, they will award you with a short flash or something like that.
The private show offers you much more than free show. This time, you get to see model naked actually. And that is not all. You will most likely see that model do something kinky that you ask her. However, not all models are ready to do that so you should ask all those things in the free show. Every model has a profile available so you can see all the things that are available in the private show. You just have to spend some time at exploring all things about some show and you won’t waste your money here. The price also varies because not all shows are the same. Some shows can cost per minute and some of them can go up to per minute. However, the average price is around per minute which isn’t too high. The price doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the show. Some cheaper shows were better than those overpriced shows.
Connexion and Buzzmode are pretty much the same type of the show. Basically, the show works that you tip a model and the vibrator in her pants increases its speed. If the speed is bigger, than that means the tip much be much higher. You can also select the time of the session and a couple more things. This was pretty amazing and you can enter these shows for free. However, if you don’t tip the model, you won’t be able to ask for anything in there.
The video quality in here is pretty nice. You can find some shows that have a pretty nice camera and most of these models have the average video quality. Most of details are visible in all shows and the most important thing is that the show is fluid. Some cameras could even be controlled with a remote control during a live stream and that allows you to look at some parts of the model much closer than before.
I managed to use this site on a phone. I didn’t have any problems while I was doing that and I was pretty amazed. Shows loaded pretty fast and they were in high quality. IT was just a little bit harder to use this site on a phone because you have smaller screen than on a pc and sometimes, you can miss click something.


All in all, this site is pretty nice. Many models are online at most hours. There are lots of useful features available. There are new types of shows here. The video quality is also nice. The site works well on a phone.


The advanced search is not available here.


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