CamContacts - Pretty nice site with lots of online models


Date: September 25, 2017

Written by: Mark (Male, 20)


I just couldn’t believe when I saw that there were more than 100000 registered models on the site. It just seemed too unreal and I was shocked for some time actually. Having that many models isn’t a usual thing and besides that, you can find also many online models. If I counted right, there were around 800 online models at the time I was there. The overall design of the site is crap in my opinion. I visited this site multiple times in past few months and nothing has changed. You have two mixed colors that aren’t too pleasant to watch. The best thing on the main page is how shows are arranged. You won’t find shows mixed up like on many other sites, but they will be all in different categories.
When I mentioned categories now, I should continue with this subject. Searching for models is pretty important if you know what you are looking for. For instance, I was looking for some specific type of a girl and I just couldn’t find it because of the lack of search options. I got used to using at least 3 different search options and this site has only one. When you have around 800 models online at one moment, using categories is just pointless. Although you do get a better result, you still won’t find something you want really easy. About these categories, they are not the same like on other sites. You can find non-adult sections where models just like to talk with you or they are here to make a friend. That is the only category in which you won’t see any nudity. Other categories are much better, but there aren’t more than 10 categories here. You can also search for some specific model by her screen name if you actually know one.
Sadly, there is no free show on this site. If you want to video chat with some model, you have to pay for it right away. However, you do have a free text chat which allows you to chat with the model for how long do you want. That doesn’t mean anything to me because I need to see a model before deciding if I want to proceed. Every model has a profile available for very user so you can read all kinds of information there. Some of you will find that useful, but I didn’t very much. I learned what that model likes, but I need to see that over a video chat first just to be sure.
When I already spent a lot of time on this site, it would be a shame to not test the private shows. Every online model can be reached in the private show for the right price. Not all shows are the same and that is one of the main reasons why the price varies that much. Some shows can go for per minute and some of them can go even for per minute. I learned that the price doesn’t have a lot to do with the quality of the show. Some cheaper shows were actually the same as those expensive one, even better than them. The average price is around per minute which isn’t too high.
It took some time to load video chats and even text chats. I don’t know why that is, but I was kind of annoyed with the lag that kept coming back. I kept doing all kinds of things to fix that, but there was no success.
To create an account, you need to give away your credit card information right away. It also said that you won’t be charged unless you select to be charged. That was all kind of suspicious to me but I continued anyway just to see what happens. Luckily, I got charged only for the package I bought so I could test some shows.
Models are quite relaxed in private shows and that surprised me because the whole site was crap before opening one of these shows. I selected a category that included nudity so I knew what I was getting into. There is also a chat window that allows you to talk with the models. Most people were just asking for all kinds of nasty things which weren’t strange at all.
The video quality is medium to high in most cases. Some shows had a better video quality and some of them didn’t. The average quality is pretty ok and I was quite pleased with it. I don’t know if I got lucky or something, but I actually found a show that had a camera that could be controlled with a remote control.
This site works somehow on a phone also, but there were some problems for me. Again, shows were lagging and it took some time to load. The best thing here is the video quality because it seems better than on a pc. It was kind of hard not to miss click some of these things while I was on my phone because the screen was smaller.


The video quality is quite nice, but it could improve a bit. Prices are affordable in most cases.


There are no free shows. Search options are crap because you have only one on this site. There are some problems with lagging and shows loaded too long.


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