Flirt4Free - Pretty good with lots of models that I would recommend to anyone


Date: July 5, 2017

Written by: Rocky (Male, 29)


My journey on the internet has gone too far and I have seen a lot of bad live cam sites and I just wanted to see something that is looking good at the first look at the site. This site is I could say heaven to my eyes after all stuff I have seen previously. For instance, I see that this site has its categories on some visible place. There were some sites that hid them that good, that I wasn’t sure if they even had them. Good thing here is that top models are on the top of the page. They can be arranged on many different ways with some cool features so let’s talk about them. If I am right, there were 5,000+ models registered on this site and about 400 were online in few different times I was here.
The most important thing on any site is that you can choose what kind of material you want to look at. That is why categories are created and this site really has a lot of them. If I am right, there about 50 categories and that was more than enough for me. Every category shows how many models from that exact category were currently online. I think that there is no one who would come to this site and leave it without finding what he wanted. There are regular shows like just with stripping and there are ones with all kinds of weird fetishes.
Every performer has profile on the site. You can find out some information about her and look at more pictures that all for free. There were no catches when they say it is free, but you have to give your credit card info first. I got more than enough information from these few shows to talk about everything. In most shows, there were HD cameras and I hadn’t had any problems with blurry objects or lagging. There were also some models who had medium quality camera but I liked that content much better. For instance, when I opened one show, this one hot girl was sucking a big plastic bottle. I could only imagine what she was ready to do more.
This site has some promotional offers and when you buy any package with credits, you get 120 credits for free on top of that. However, you can’t just take those free 120 credits without buying something. Free shows usually had nothing special in them, but there were few ones that were really better than expected. Seeing model that does more than just sitting on the bed is jackpot these days. The private show is only available to the user with premium account. To create an account, you have to put in some information and buy some package with credits. Tipping models is available during both free shows and private shows. You can choose the amount of the tip and everyone receives some reward from the model after the tip. The prices of private shows can vary like on any other site. 1 minute here costs around 2-4 dollars. However, there is not timer in the private show, so when you get into some show, you need to be careful not to spend all your credits at once, but if you even do that, I would say that it was worth it.
Live shows are great, but there is more than that. You can go into some other section and look at prerecorded videos. Those videos are available to premium users and that requires monthly payment. Again, the price of these videos can vary, but these videos cost about and they are unlocked permanently. There are no more unlocking videos for only one or something like that. All these videos contain nudity, masturbation and sex action. There are no videos with a performer that just smokes a cigarette or something similar to that.


Everything was easily found here. I didn’t have to scroll down or something like that to find categories or other sections. More than 50 categories and every one of those categories has a lot of performers online. About 400 performers were online at all times and every show was in HD and there were no lags or blurry parts. Prerecorded videos are available to premium users for a really cheap price.


I can honestly say that I haven’t found anything wrong with this site.


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