Flirt4Free - Pretty good site with ton of new features


Date: September 29, 2017

Written by: Ilivor (Male, 31)


When you open a site, you will see a lot of shows on the display and you don’t know from where to start so I started looking at all things on the main page separately. The first thing I wanted to talk about is the background. You have a black background that points out the most important thing on the site. There are search options, categories, search box, shows and a couple of more things. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the main page, you can find some model’s schedule so you know when they are performing. All shows on the main page had extra info so you know what you are getting into. Everything like price, quality, model’s age and things like that were show in a small window and if you hold the cursor over a show, you will get a preview of the current show. If I counted right, this site had around 20 models at the time I was there which isn’t bad. That number usually varies from 50 to 200 models and that is enough to please everyone one the site.
Luckily, this site has free shows with every model. You don’t even need an account to test all these shows, but there is no point in being on this site without an account. Every free show has a chat window that lets you to chat with the model for an unlimited time. This was pretty useful when I wanted to find out more about the private show because I saw that there will be noting in the free show and that is not stranger. It would be weird if models did all kinds of things for free. Model can be tipped and that actually help out because models will agree to more things pretty fast.
The private show has different prices in all cases. Some shows can cost around and some go up to per minute. The average price is around per minute which isn’t too high. You can find actually pretty nice shows for cheap prices if you have time. If the show is expensive, that doesn’t mean the show is the best one on the site. I have spent some time here and I found some cheaper shows that were slightly better than those expensive ones. One other reason why the price varies is because shows are not of the same type. Some models here are just online to make a friend, but most of them are here to please their fans. That is also why you should keep an eye for these small details.
Searching for shows is pretty easy on this site. You have multiple options and you need only one of them to find your model. The best one is the advanced search. At first, I thought that the advanced search was not available here, but I found it later. You can select multiple tags here and you will get a pretty good result after you finish using the filter. The other way is by using categories. There are around 60 categories available and each one shows how many models are in there. Every category had at least 1 model in there so none categories were empty. If you know someone’s name, you can search for that model by her screen name.
The video quality could improve a bit. Some shows were in HD and some of them weren’t. The most important thing is that they were all in fluid motion. They didn’t have any problems with the lag or with the internet connection so I had a pleasant stay on this site. I noticed that some models were streaming from a studio and the rest were streaming from their houses. I actually prefer amateur models because they act more natural in most situations.
This site works well on a mobile phone. I tested it on Android and I didn’t have to download anything more to run the site. All features from a PC were working just like on a PC.
If you want, you can subscribe for a VIP membership. This actually costs a lot of money and I don’t know if it is worth it. This is paid monthly and you get access to ton of videos, recorded shows and pictures from every model.


Free shows are available for everyone. Prices are usually affordable. The site works on a phone.


The video quality should definitely improve.


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