X Love Cam - Pretty good site with lots of online models


Date: August 30, 2017

Written by: Horotie (Male, 23)


I visited this site a long time ago and after some time, I decided to do it again. I can see that they improved some things and now, the site is pretty good. The number of online models rose up. There are around 250 to 300 models online at most hours. I saw that there are more than 10000 registered models and that is pretty amazing. The main page has lots of useful things and the best feature I saw is that when you hold you cursor over a show, a short clip begins to paly instead of showing the profile picture. If you liked the old version of this site more, you can go to that version with just one click.
Sadly, this site doesn’t have the advanced search engine which would make the search for models much easier. Instead, you have many different tags at the display and you have to select only one at the time. Searching for some specific model can be done by typing in some model’s screen name. I counted 12 categories on this site and when you select one, you still have a lot of models at the display so it is a little harder to find some model here.
Luckily, free shows are available here so you can find out everything you want about some model without paying for the show first. Because you can’t use the filter here, you can go from the show to the next one and look for the one you like the most. There is a free chat window in the free show and you can use it even if you don’t have an account. That means you can also open free shows without having an account. Most models on this site won’t take off the clothes in the free show, but there are just a few of them that like to do all kinds of things.
The private shows here offer you everything you have ever thought of. IF you are a little patient, you can find a model that will fulfill all your wishes for a cheap price. The price varies from the show to the next because not all models do the same things in the private show. After opening around 10 shows I figured out that the average price is per minute and most of these models are charging exactly that amount. You should keep in mind that the price doesn’t determine the quality of the show. Some cheap shows were much better than those expensive ones.
IF you worry about look at bad shows, you shouldn’t because most of these shows are in HD. There are a few shows that have cameras that can be controlled with a remote control during a live stream so the model can zoom in on some parts of her body at any time. The most important thing for me is that the picture was fluid in all shows I opened. It seemed like there are some models who are streaming from a studio and there are also models who are streaming from their houses. I prefer those amateur models because they are somehow better for me.
Using this site is available now on the phone. It is pretty easy to use every feature that is available and the site worked pretty well on my Android phone and iPhone. Shows loaded pretty fast and there were no issues while I was in shows. It even seemed like the video quality was better on a phone that on a pc.
This site uses credits as a payment method and the store has just a few packages available. The price of 1 credit is exactly and there are no discounts if you buy bigger packages. The least amount you can buy is 25 credits and you should rush things by buying 100 credits for the first time.


Generally, this site is pretty ok. There are many shows that are really worth my time. Prices of most shows were affordable. The video quality was even better than expected and the movement was fluid in all these shows. Models here are polite and they are willing to fulfill all your wishes in the private show.


There is no advanced search and it is pretty hard to find some model without it. I constantly got bored with that pop up add that asked me to create an account.


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