- Pretty good looking site


Date: December 29, 2017

Written by: Shon (Male, 22)


At first, I didn’t think anything about this site, but over some time, started liking it. To be honest, the site doesn’t look so good at all. Everything is so simple and it looks like it is outdated or something. However, you seem to forget those things when you run into good shows.
Keep in mind that this site is only with shemale models and that probably means that there is not so many of them online. There were around 100 of them online when I was there and that is much better than on most sites. However, that is still too little models for a live cam site.
Even if there are only 100 models online, there are offline models next to online ones. That makes it harder to find a model just by scrolling through them all. If there were only online models, I wouldn’t even use these features. You can see only models if they have a green dot in the top right corner. The advanced search is the best feature here, just like on any other site. I could select lots of tags at once and that would eliminate lots of models for me. I would end up with not so many models and from that point, it was just so easy to find one model.
Some models have free shows and some of them don’t. I like to see a free version of a show first because what if I don’t like a site? I wouldn’t like to pay for something and then regret it. I looked at the video quality, how a model looks like and asked what she does in a private show. If all that was good, I would go in a show. However, if something is missing, or I don’t like it, I will look for someone else. You probably get it because it is my money and I will spend it on the best way.
Prices of private show usually vary, but not so much. You can find shows from per minute to more than per minute. There is one thing I learned the hard way. If a show is expensive, it doesn’t mean it is the best one. I started searching for some expensive shows because I thought they were expensive for some reason. I couldn’t be wrong more. Some cheaper shows were better than that one and from that point, I never looked at the price first when I started selecting shows. Of course, there are good expensive shows, but I didn’t see any need in looking at that shows because I can find also good shows for not so much money.
The video quality was quite nice. Most shows were in HD and the rest were in medium quality. I didn’t look at that many shows, but out of 10 shows, 7 were in HD and 3 were in medium quality. I think that that is pretty good for any site. They were all in fluid motion and that means there were no lags or some problems like that.
You need credits to open shows. The store is pretty simple here. The price of 1 credit is and you have 3 packages available. You can buy 25, 50 or 100 credits and that is it. There are no discounts or bonus credits for any of these packages.
You probably know that not all shows are the same here. Some models like to do more than other models and I was expecting that. I focused on finding shows that included role paly or sex toys. Those are the best ones for me so far.
Besides live shows, you also have recorded videos. Prices are usually the same, but there are some differences like anywhere eels. The price of 1 video is 3 credits and there is a catch there. When you buy a video, you can only watch it for exactly 1 hour. After that, you have to pay for it again if you want to look at it.


Enough models were online. It was easy to navigate on the site. Most shows had affordable prices. The video quality was mostly in HD.


Some shows were a bit overpriced.


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